How George Soros Is Changing The World

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management. The Hungary-born billionaire is worth $23 billion. Soros is a philanthropist working with organizations that support democratic and human right causes like Open Society Foundation. The London school of economics educated investor worked as a stock analyst and trader in New York.

George is broadly respected for predicting financial market movements and his huge spending and donations in causes he believes in. He has invested heavily in many companies such as $264 million in Barrick Gold and Deutsche Bank.

He generates his success from earlier investments in 1970. It is at this time that George Soros founded Soros Fund Management. Later on, in 1973, he created Quantum Fund in partnership with Jim Rodgers. The fund earned an annual return of 30 percent cementing his reputation. This helped him get into a position of power, which he enjoys up to date. Currently, he is involved in mentoring people and advancing his various agendas.

In early 1900, he placed large bets against national currencies and with huge returns on In 1992, Soros sold the sterling pound and got $1 billion in profits in a day. Today, George Soros and has taken a back seat in his company. Since, 2000, he has been focusing on philanthropic efforts he accomplishes through Open Society Foundation which he founded.

Where do the donations go?
In the early 1980s and 1990s, George Soros bankrolled and funded revolutions in many European countries such as Croatia, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia by channeling money to independent media, publishing houses and opposition parties. His reason was to promote better governance and democracy.

In 2004, George Soros started funding various groups in the United States for causes he holds dear such as immigration. Some of the groups funded include The American Institute for Social Justice whose goal is to transform poor communities by lobbying for increased spending on social programs. The New America Foundation is another group, which influences public opinions on various issues like global governance and environmentalism.

Soros also funds The Migration Policy Institute aiming to bring change to policy on illegal immigrant resettlement as well as increase social welfare benefits for immigrants on Politico. He has been using his foundation to funnel money to media outlets like Media Matters.

He channels the money through groups like the Tides Foundation, Democracy Alliance, and Center for American Progress to circumvent campaign finance laws in place. Also, he founds Democratic Party candidates sharing his ideas during campaigns on

George has contributed to campaigns of prominent Democratic Party members like Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. The Clintons are some of his best friends. Other donations have helped support various activist groups such as Black Lives Matter during the violence outbreak in Ferguson for improved race relations.

The Kabbalah Centre Extends Its Global Reach Through Celebrity Visits

In the last few decades The Kabbalah Centre has become one of the world’s fastest growing and best respected religious groups as it has seen a major jump in membership based on the support received from a range of celebrity followers. One aspect of the study of Kabbalah through the center that is often misunderstood is the thought that the study of the Kabbalah has only recently become popular following the studies of pop singer Madonna.

In fact, a number of the stars of the golden age of Hollywood studied Kabbalah with the aid of the first incarnation of The Kabbalah Centre that opened its doors in the U.S. in the 1920s. Sammy Davis Jr., a singer and member of the famous Rat Pack headed by Frank Sinatra, explained his own need to follow this ancient form of Judaism was to explore the link Kabbalah offered between the oppression of Jewish people and his own feelings and experiences as an African-American male in the middle of the 20th century.

Another follower who explored ancient mysticism was Elizabeth Taylor who became a major activist for Jewish rights following her decision to explore the ancient teachings of the Kabbalah.Madonna first became involved with The Kabbalah Centre in the 1990s, but the group has been in existence since the 1920s and came to a position of popularity following the arrival of Rabbi Philip Berg and his wife Karen. The first location opened by the couple in the 1960s was within their own home in New York and proved an almost instant success.

The Kabbalah Centre continues to expand and reach out to new areas of the community and has recently looked to develop a new area of interest in Italy; a global conference held in March 2017 headed by Karen Berg shows the extent to which the group has grown in recent years.

Equities First US Should Be Your Primary Choice of Lending Solutions

Equities First Holdings offers an opportunity of lending that someone may not necessarily be able to obtain for somewhere else. By applying for the loan that is offered by Equities First Holdings, you may come to find out that their terms are some of the best that are offered in the market.

There are a myriad of things that someone may be wanting to obtain a loan could use it for. Among some of such things are: paying off mortgage on a home, making payments on a vehicle, donating to a favorite charity of theirs, to pay bills, to start a business, to pay for schooling, or anything else that may be considered to be things that support them in every day life. It is important to know that it’s highly recommended that the borrower obtain loan from an organization that they can depend on. Such forms of dependence should be based upon whether the organization has been rated or reviewed well by people who have borrowed from them in the past. If you happen to be someone who could utilize a loan, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the customer service representatives what Equities First Holdings can do for you. It is highly likely that they will offer you loan terms that are quite unbeatable.

There are many high net-worth individuals who have had difficulty in obtaining loans, whether it be due to the lending institution not having enough capital to provide for them or such an institution not thinking that they need it is completely dependent on the lenders’ reasons. However, it’s important to know that high net-worth individuals have financial goals too, regardless of having enough capital to begin with. Equities First Holdings exists to provide them with opportunities of obtaining loans that they may be wanting to fund whatever that they’re planning on funding.

Capitol Anesthesiology

Capital Anesthesiology was founded in 1973, and in the last 43 years they have provided a vast array and amount of services to the Austin area. CAA is comprised of over 80 highly skilled physicians, over 130 CRNAs as well as RNs and Techs. The three general classifications of anesthesia they provide are General Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, and Local/MAC. Specialized anesthesia services that they provide include obstetric, cardiothoracic and pediatric.


In addition to the paid services they render, many of the Association’s practitioners donate their time and skills to mission groups in Texas and around the globe including Autin Smiles, Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach, Eels on Wheels, Operation Smile, Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Family Eldercare, and Partnership for Children. These nonprofit services include providing reconstructive plastic surgery, cleft lip and palate repairs, general surgical care, adaptive scuba opportunities, fundraising for hospitals and families, care to seniors and adults with disabilities, and critical resourses for abused and neglected children. It is hoped that this pillar of the Austin community will continue for a long time to come.

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Whitney Wolfe Pours On The Honey

Whitney Wolfe seems to have the secret to online dating gold. After co-founding and subsequently leaving Tinder in 2014, the idea of creating a female driven dating market fueled a passion so deep that by the end of that same year Bumble was born with the 26-year-old CEO at the helm.

A friendly, safe and comfortable “hive” from which women could make the choice to move forward with a relationship was key to making this work. Whitney Wolfe knew that the old fashioned male dominated dating rituals would not apply here. When a new connection appears on the app, the woman has 24 hours to swipe to the right if she is interested and a mere swipe to the left says bye-bye forever. With over 11 million subscribers and a 15% growth rate week-to-week, the method works well and the honey is tasting good.

With self described strengths in “creativity, marketing and understanding how people interact”, Whitney Wolfe has expanded the Bumble repertoire to include same sex relationships as well as friendships. In those cases, both genders can respond and the format is less stringent.

The power of connection continues in the Bumble blog forum. Along with adorable member success stories, about 150 matches and counting, staff members post binge-worthy advice. When asked whether or not a girl should make the first move, COO Caroline quips, “What do you have to lose? That person could be the love of your life!”

Unapologetic about being one to turn in early, Whitney Wolfe understands that love isn’t just found in nightclubs or bars. Instead, apps like Bumble are enabling society, especially women, to make subtle changes in the way that we interact with one another to indicate romantic interest. The results are proving very sweet.


Doug Levitt Explores The U.S. For More Than A Decade

The singer, writer, and photographer Doug Levitt has spent much of the last decade traveling the highways of the U.S. by bus in his bid to discover the truth of how the people of the U.S. are being affected on a regular basis by the unequal division of wealth across the nation. If the exploration of social issues sounds familiar to those with a knowledge of U.S. history it is because Levitt himself finds inspiration in the federal programs established during the Depression that allowed artists to travel the country in search of the stories of everyday people to ensure the social issues of the day were recorded for the future.


Doug Levitt is hoping to use his own skills as a multimedia artist to replicate and expand upon the work of the artists of the past to produce a range of new work that has come from his decade long journey across the U.S. by Greyhound bus. “The Greyhound Diaries” is a consistently evolving work Doug Levitt has been creating for almost 12 years that has taken him across many areas of the U.S. that are still being affected by the 2008 economic downturn; Levitt had already been inspired to extend his six week journey that began in 2005 when the 2008 economic problems struck and provided the writer with more material for his work than he could have imagined.


In the career of Doug Levitt the former international correspondent has taken many different twists and turns over the years, which reflects the constant search Levitt has seemed to have been on to find out more about the world from a young age. As a student Doug Levitt spent time exploring the universe under the renowned scientist Carl Sagan before moving to the U.K. to continue his studies in International Politics at the London School of Economics. The life of an international correspondent seemed to be a natural fit for Doug Levitt, but his need to create art by examining the lives of everyday Americans brought him back to the U.S. where he has remained stationed and performs at some of the most iconic locations in the country.

Why EOS Is One Of The Leading Lip Balms On The Market

Almost a decade ago the CEO and co-founder of EOS lip balm Sanjiv Mehra teamed up with two other top startup investors and went on a mission to change the beauty world. After many years of thought and research the co-founders decided to create an innovative and unique new product for the lip balm market. At that time the lip balm market was lacking in a variety of fun flavors and packaging. EOS soon released their colorful fun egg-shaped packaging and they have been growing in popularity ever since.

When EOS first hit the market women and even men all over the world were going crazy for the bright, fun, colorful egg-shaped packaging. Celebrities and individuals alike appreciated the bold unique flavors as well as the fun unique design of the lip balm. Mehra and his other co-founders wanted a convenient yet fun way to apply lip balm. The egg design offered a unique shape as well as a convenient way to apply the product.

Each and every EOS lip balm product is made from high quality ingredients. The main ingredients include jojoba oil and Shea Butter. Some of the other ingredients include antioxidant vitamins. EOS lip balm products are made free of harsh chemicals such as phthalates and parabens. All EOS products are hypoallergenic as well as gluten free and dermatologist tested.

The smooth moisturizing texture leave lips feeling hydrated all day long. The light delicious flavors & fragrances add for a bit of refreshing flavor. The EOS lip balms are available in a large range of flavors. Some of the top flavors include vanilla mint, strawberry sorbet, medicated tangerine, and pomegranate raspberry. EOS lip balms are easily available online ( and are also available in many different retail locations including Target, Walgreens and Walmart. With so many great flavors to choose from and such convenient access it is easy to see why EOS is one of the leading lip products on the market.

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Sujit Choudhry Introduces Comparative Law

When it comes to learning about law, there are common areas such as criminal law, constitutional law and family law. However there is another type of law that is quite important. This is comparative law which focuses on studying the legal systems of different nations and then comparing them. With the study of comparative law, a number of government entities, businesses and legal professionals can benefit. For government entities, they will be able to know about other nations in terms of economic and foreign policy. This will help them improve international relations as well as trade. For businesses, knowing comparative law can help them learn more about how other nations regulate business so that they can more easily expand. Lastly, legal professionals will benefit from comparative law when looking to address legal matters in another country.


The study of comparative law is quite beneficial because it provides lots of insight on how other nations are governed and on how they function. One of the most common things studied with comparative law is constitutional law. This entails the study of how a country is governed, how its government is organized and also its basic legal regulations pertaining to individual rights. Another common aspect of comparative law is the criminal law. It is quite interesting to learn more about how other nations deal with crime and punishment. Comparative law is also beneficial when looking to learn more about the economic polices of a given nation as well. Check this out:


Sujit Choudhry is one of the leading experts on comparative law. He has studied this area of law for many years and has been able to share his knowledge with a number of people. When he first began his career, he worked as a clerk for the Canadian Supreme Court. After holding this position, he would then begin teaching law at the University of Toronto. Choudhry served as a professor and later an associate dean. As a result, he was able to establish himself as a renowned legal expert in Canada. Visit this related site.


After holding positions as a faculty member in Canada, Sujit moved to the United States to resume his legal career in the educational sector. Choudhry became a professor at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. He would also become the Dean and make history as the first Indian American to serve this position. As well as being the Dean at the law school, Choudhry would continue studying comparative law. He would eventually introduce himself to foreign leaders and help them revise their constitution. Therefore, Sujit Choudhry has been able to make a considerable impact with this knowledge of comparative law.


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DeVos to be Secretary of Education

I had heard that Donald Trump has announced that his choice for Secretary of Education will be Betsy Devos. Betsy Devos is best known for her philanthropic work and charitable giving. As a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education and as Chairwoman of Alliance for School Choice, she is ultimately qualified to serve as Secretary of Education.

Educated at a private school in Holland, Michigan, Devos was well prepared to earn her Bachelor’s Degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids. I am fully aware that in the Republican Primaries, DeVos did not support Donald Trump, and instead supported Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina. Because of that, we can rest assured that this appointment is not a political pay back for support. She was chosen for the position because she is well qualified to fill it. She is, to put it politically incorrect, the best ‘man’ for the job. She is unequaled in her dedication to the education of our nation’s children.

With Jeb Bush, she has stated as her and Jeb’s goal is to “build an American education system that equips every child to achieve his or her God-given potential”.

DeVos is Chairwoman of the Windquest Group, a privately held company investing in wind power and other alternative sources of energy. The group was founded by her and her husband.

Although it appears that her educational activism is related to her Christian lifestyle and beliefs, I do not accept the contention that her beliefs will interfere with her ability to perform the duties of the position for which she has been nominated. In fact, the track record clearly shows that she is more than qualified.

Her experience with the Detroit Charter school system is a case in point. Rather than condemning the idea of charter schools and the like, Betsy DeVos supported and changed that system for the better, through her activism and support. It can not be said that Mr. DeVos is not fully involved in what she is trying to accomplish.

She currently chairs both the American Federation for Children and The Philanthropy Roundtable, two projects she supports heartily and with sense.

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John Goullet: Meeting The Challenges Facing IT Companies

John Goullet works in a profession that’s always seeing a changing market and workforce, and has to stay ahead to meet the demands of tomorrow. He is the Executive Principal of Diversant, LLC, an IT staffing firm and certified minority business enterprise (MBE). Goullet has been striving to bring more people into the IT workforce, a job market that he says still has shortages of professionals despite the movement of most businesses into the technology sector. At Diversant these jobseekers are paired up with companies that match their resume and personality, and they are given employee benefits from Diversant while on the job. Diversant also helps their consultants construct effective resumes and impress client companies during interviews.


John Goullet also was an IT consultant at point in his career. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Ursinus College and began his consulting work at the Computer Sciences Corp. He also worked with 3D Information Services and the Constell Group prior to becoming an IT staffing account executive. As an IT staffing account executive he started recruiting talent for various clients, and he decided to form an independent company out of his position. In 1994 he started Info Technologies and it soon became well-known in the Newark, NJ area. It soon reached over $30 million in revenue in 5 years and was ranked twice in Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US.


Goullet was CEO of Info Technologies for about 17 years, but he soon decided he wanted to build bridges into minority communities and tap into even more workers for the IT industry. So in 2010 he partnered with Gene Waddy, an entrepreneur who also was running his own staffing company and Info Technologies became Diversant, LLC. Diversant has grown from Newark to having offices in 10 different states including California, Georgia, Texas, Iowa and Arizona. Diversant has also formed partnerships with local business support groups such as STAR for former military members, and the New Jersey Tech Council. They also support local foundations such as the Harlem Business Alliance and PACE Monmouth.