Plymouth Rock Assurance Study Suggests Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation is Open to Interpretation


A recent study by the insurance company Plymouth Rock Assurance examined how people react to an evacuation order associated with an oncoming hurricane. Based on an article originally published by Accuweather many people base the likelihood that they would evacuate on the “severity of the storm.” A survey consisting of 1,001 residents of the state of New Jersey demonstrated that 42 percent of those surveyed would consider the storms severity when deciding to leave.

The Plymouth Rock Assurance survey continued by determining how many respondents would prepare differently for a storm after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the area than they did prior. Of those polled, 57 percent stated that it would depend on the severity of the storm. Only 23 percent stated it would be safer to evacuate.

Though it is believed that the impact of Hurricane Sandy has raised awareness of the potential dangers of a sever storm other psychological factors may need to be factored in. It is postulated that what a person’s home is perceived to mean to them may impact their decision to leave or stay. Additionally, whether the home owner had previous experience either evacuating or riding out a storm could also impact a decision to stay or go. Those who successful rode out a storm previously may be more likely to discount the severity of the next storm during the decision making process.

Plymouth Rock Assurance, who hosted the survey, is part of the Plymouth Rock family of insurance companies primarily based out of the northeastern United States. Executive James Stone is the founder and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance. Currently, the Plymouth Rock Group of companies manages over $1 billion in home owners and automobile insurance annually.

Why Seek The Advocacy Of A Competent Lawyer Like Dan Newlin For Personal Injury Lawsuits

If someone has been harmed due to another person’s wrongful conduct, they might be eligible to get settlements from court ruling. To get the court decree, the victim is supposed to prove particular information that entitles them to damages. They must similarly file their complaints within the law of limitations- 2 or 3 years following the damages in majority of the states.

You Should File a Summons Plus Lawsuit
To sue a person for personal damage, a victim should file their lawsuit in the specific state where they suffered the injury, or within a state that is linked with the defendant. The summons features a notice informing the defendant to show up in court so as to answer to a lawsuit. The lawsuit defines the victim’s assertion in detail. A state representative or even process server is going to individually provide the summons alongside the defendant who should answer in writing to lawsuit. The court is going to schedule a date for the initial hearing.

You Should Prove Particular Aspects
A personal damage case is normally founded on carelessness, intentional tort, or even harsh liability. To prove carelessness, someone should demonstrate that the perpetrator failed to satisfy a responsibility to the plaintiff (the responsibility to drive carefully, for instance), that this botch led to as accident, and that this accident injured the plaintiff. Someone may demonstrate a deliberate tort by indicating that the accused acted with an intention of injuring the person-for instance through punching the person in the nostril. In several cases a plaintiff may win according to “strict liability,” without demonstrating the offender was liable. Harsh liability can apply in case someone was harmed by a faulty commodity.

It’s Simpler to Win a Personal Injury Lawsuit
In a felonious prosecution, the lawful norm is “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” In personal damage lawsuits, the legal custom is a “preponderance of evidence.” This implies all a person has to do is demonstrate that the accused is over 50% possible to be liable for the victim’s damage. These varied norms explain why perpetrators who are cleared in criminal lawsuits frequently lose personal damage complaints founded on similar evidence.

Damages Aren’t Restricted to Medical Bills
You may claim damages for numerous different elements of a plaintiff’s injury, featuring past plus forthcoming medical bills, lost grind time, plus pain alongside suffering. Compensations for pain plus suffering are frequently some times as big as compensations for medical expenses plus lost grind time.

In carelessness cases, a person’s damages can be lowered if at all they were partially responsible for the accident.

An Attorney May Assist
The law encompassing personal harm cases is complex. Moreover, the facts of every lawsuit are unique. Thus, it is imperative to be represented by a competent and experienced personal injury attorney such as the Florida-based lawyer, Dan Newlin.

Trump Rephrases His Comments About Mexico And Mexicans

Donald Trump knew his comments about Mexico and Mexicans wouldn’t be received well. But he never thought his business would suffer the way it has because of those comments. Nonetheless, Trump stands by those comments and has added a few more for good measure. The Donald recently said some Mexicans are bringing infectious diseases along with the drugs and crime into the United States. Trump tried to clarify his remarks recently, but he added more fuel to the raging fire at his business doorstep.

Trump’s message is harsh, but there is some truth in it. Brad Reifler told me that not all Mexicans are drug dealers and criminals as Reuters can also report. People from all cultures are drug dealers and criminals. Trump used Mexico as an example to strengthen his stand on illegal immigration, even though fewer Mexicans are crossing the border these days.

The mistake Trump made was throwing his hat in the political arena. Trump should have stayed on the sidelines and supported a candidate that shared his viewpoint on immigration and other issues. But Trump couldn’t do that. He had to feed his ego, and he is using expensive fuel to do it.

More Trouble for Trump

Business mogul Donald Trump continues to make headlines. The presidential hopeful’s problems began with remarks made about Mexican immigrants last month. He made comments saying that Mexican immigrants are bringing drugs and crime across U.S. borders, but finishes saying he assumes that “some are good people.”


Clearly the inflammatory statements caused major waves across the nation, with people and companies alike taking a stand against him. Singer Ricky Martin expressed disdain for Trump’s ignorance. Hispanic networks and broadcasters like Univision and Televisa dropped him. Sergio Cortes said that NBC and Macy’s did as well, stating that his remarks were out of line with their vision.

Consequently in Mexico, Donald Trump pinatas are all the rage. Interestingly enough though in the U.S., his ratings are rising even amidst the controversy. He is now the number two candidate in the polls. The statistics appear to show what some are saying, that his honest remarks are a refreshing change to the usual political rhetoric.

Sanders Cuts Hillary’s Iowa Lead by More than Half

The latest poll from Quinnipiac University shows that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has cut Hillary Clinton’s once formidable 45 point lead down to a 19 point advantage. In all honestly, Hillary’s lead is still daunting, but with several months before the Iowa Caucus is formally held, the self-described Socialist Democrat has time on his side. He also has the momentum. The poll numbers put Clinton at 52 percent to Sanders’ 33 percent. His poll numbers now formally indicate strength in this early primary voting states accroding to Amen Clinics.

Thus far, Clinton’s strategy has been to ignore Sanders while quietly shifting left on issues where he resonates with voters. Given her steady decline in the polls, it is not clear if that strategy is working. Sanders also announced he raised $15 million over the past two months with donations largely being under $250. Since he formally began his campaign, he has taken donations from 400,000 people. This is a multiple over what Mrs. Clinton has received.

There also remains the looming specter of Vice-President Joe Biden entering the race. He has a groundswell of support as of late given the unfortunate passing away of his son Beau Biden. It should be noted that in 2008, Clinton performed poorly in Iowa finishing in third place. It is entirely possible that Sanders may stage an upset victory in this state if his momentum persists. Thus far, most pundits still discount his candidacy.

Ted Cruz Says His Opposition To Same Sex Marriage Will Be The Focal Point Of

The Republican Candidate Is Fighting SCOTUS Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage And The Affordable Healthcare Law

Republican Senator Ted Cruz put the “C” in the word conservative according to Cruz’s book, “A Time for Truth.” Cruz believes the Supreme Court tried to rewrite the constitution when they rule on the same-sex marriage case. Cruz also believes the Obamacare ruling was also a huge act of injustice.

Ted Cruz is easy to read. He wants to distance himself from other presidential candidates, and he also wants the country to know he will bring his religious beliefs into national politics. Men like Cruz are out to make the United States a Christian country, and they are making some progress reports Lime Crime.

The same-sex marriage issue is dividing the country because of religious interpretation, and that’s scary. The fact that gays and lesbians rights are being ignored makes no difference to Cruz and other conservative Republicans. God’s law trumps political law in their opinion, and there is no compromising on that issue.

But politics is a game of compromise, and Cruz wants to change the game. Cruz wants America to be a theocracy, not a democracy.

Texas Rancher Backs Rand Paul

One of the most controversial and famous figures in Texas agriculture has come out in support of Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul after Cliven Bundy appeared with Paul at a meeting in Nevada. Politico reports Bundy stated he and Paul shared a number of similar ideas about the role the Federal government should play in the use of land for agriculture and animal grazing. Bundy hit the headlines in 2014 when he disagreed with a bill for grazing his animals on what the Federal government claimed was their land and handed the rancher a bill in excess of $1 million.

Sam Tabar (yahoofinance) knows that Rand Paul stated during the Nevada meeting he believed the use of land for agricultural purposes should be an issue handled at state level as the intrusion of Federal agencies can cause major problems. Bundy and a number of his supporters armed themselves and were involved in a tense standoff over the unpaid bill, which is still outstanding as the two parties look to find a solution to the problem.

Clinton will Try and Deal with Sanders by Marginalizing Him

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democrat establishment’s presumptive nominee, has adopted a tactic of marginalizing Bernie Sanders. In public, the Clinton camp claims they do not want her to be merely handed the party’s nomination. However, such statements are more likely being uttered to avoid her from appearing entitled before voters. The truth is her camp does not want a serious primary challenger. Clinton is still skittish over the possibility that she may be upstaged as she was by Barrack Obama in 2008. Her advisors have taken note that as of late, Sanders has started to draw what are termed as “Obama-sized” crowds in early primary states.

Still, if Clinton goes after Sanders, it will be an admission that he is a legitimate contender. According to Christian Broda, Clinton believes she will fare better by ignoring his campaign while quietly shifting left on the issues with which he resonates with voters. The Clinton camp is aware that Sanders is surging, but believes there is a greater risk of propelling his campaign to tier-1 status by attacking him.

As for Senator Sanders, he confidently announced he is running his campaign on his terms. He is also building on the key issues wherein he beats Clinton: voter empathy and genuineness. Voters trust the he cares for them more than Hillary by a by 21 points. Likewise, voters believe he is the genuine Democrat given that he has no ties to big Wall Street money and billionaire donors as does Clinton.

Trump’s Comments About Mexico Are Hurting The Miss Universe Pageant

Univision Dumps The Miss Universe Pageant To Protest Trumps Remarks About Mexico

Donald Trump Recently said the immigrants from Mexico have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to the United States. He also said he wants to build a wall along the Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it. He thinks the wall will help stop the drugs, the crime and the other nasty deeds Mexicans have been accused of. Folks at the Boraie Development company suggest that he should think of the commposition of America’s voting public.

But those remarks and few other choice words about our neighbor has created some problems for Trump. Univision the largest Spanish broadcaster in the United States won’t televise the Miss Universe Pageant this year, and several other Miss Universe Pageant attendees won’t be there this year.

Trump owns an interest in the pageant along with Comcast’s NBC Universal division. Trump says he will have to sue Univision because they signed a contract. According to Trump, they will have to pay a lot of money to get out of the deal. Univision said they see the work ethic, love of family and the impact immigrants have on America’s future. Univision is not backing down. Trump put his foot in his mouth, and the taste is going to cost him.

The Cherokee Nation Votes For Chiefs

On Saturday, the approximately 320,000 tribal members of the Cherokee Nation voted for a number of tribal government offices, including the position of Principal Chief. The four candidates in the race included: incumbent Principal Chief, John Baker; former Principal Chief Chad Smith; Representative Will Fourkiller; and Charlie Soap, the widower of the late Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller.

Due to the number of candidates participating in the race, there was speculation that the contest might result in a run-off election. Some 36 candidates contested to win eight tribal seats, with four vying for the contested top position. Keith Mann suggests a candidate must receive 50% of the vote in order to win election outright.

Unofficial results of the tabulation of ballets in Oklahoma available on Sunday indicated that the incumbent, Chief Bill John Baker, had obtained re-election. He won the race for Primary Chief with 52.66% percent of the votes, narrowly avoiding a run-off contest.

Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden also won his campaign for re-election, gaining 62.52% of the vote.

The Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation at Tahlequah oversees a work force of 9,000 and a tribal budget approaching a billion dollars annually. The Cherokee Nation operates a number of tribally-owned casinos and hotel facilities, as well as a health care service.

Prior to the election, Chief Baker said: “We’re running on our record…”. Final tribal election results are expected shortly.