How the HREC is Changing the Houston Real Estate Scene

The Houston Real Estate Council (HREC) was first created in the early 1990’s when the city of Houston was attempting to align itself with new zoning regulations. Zoning was definitely its founding purpose. However, its scope has since broadened into many other interests of Houston real estate. Today HREC remains at the center of the Houston real estate scene. This is an organization instituted where community persons in the real estate industry could discuss new policies, laws, and trends in the real estate scene.

This council is divided up into five sub-council based on the real estate arena: office, industrial, retail, multi-family, and single family. Its council members not only keep Houston real estate agents informed, they also work hand in hand with governmental agencies. In fact, city, state, and federal agencies have had HREC on their committees to help make a decision. These councils are so highly respected in the area that most of the leading personalities in Houston real estate are members. However, although any Houston real estate investor or developer is allowed, only such persons are allowed. The stipulation is that you have to be a recognized real estate investor or developer.

An example of the huge personalities on the HREC: Haidar Barbouti. Houstone only contains a portion of his interests. His interests can be found from Houston to New York City. In 1990 shortly before the HREC even started, Barbouti bought Highland Village shopping center. He has remained its Director of Leasing, bringing it to its current immense popularity. And that is not all he does. He is also in charge of daily operations, redevelopment, and portfolio management. There is no doubt that Barbouti is a huge face on the Houston real estate scene. But that is just one example of the huge faces you will find on the HREC.

Highland Capital Managent At The Forefront Of Investment

Highland Capital Management has a lot to be proud of in its over 20 years of existence. The company has hit a number of milestones and is also at the forefront of global investment strategies. Highland is not only one of the most experienced global credit organizations, it also boasts one of the most diversified client bases in the industry. Today, Highland manages about $21 billion in client assets. The highly-trained staff works closely with hedge fund managers, distressed corporations and private equities. Headquartered in Dallas, Highland Capital has 140 employees worldwide who share the company’s vision of leadership and discipline.

Highland’s investment philosophy is simple: use time-tested strategies to focus on where the client will receive the most benefit. The company’s 20 years of alternative investing has provided Highland with the framework to explore all options — even some that may go against the traditional investment grain. Highland’s fully-equipped and professional investment team are responsible for reviewing risk/rewards and following the trends. The team strives to find the best opportunities for all clients.

The man most attributable to Highland’s success is nexpointadvisers‘ James Dondero. He is not only Highland’s current CEO but also the founder. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the financial realm. After graduating from the University of Virginia in 1984, he put his knowledge to work at Morgan Guaranty. After working for AUM, Dondero felt it was time to strike out on his own.

Dondero, along with business partner, Mark Okida, started Highland Capital with one main focus in mind: the client. Under Dondero’s leadership in 2000, Highland launched an alternative investment act. The company was also the first to establish the Collateralize Loan Obligation (CLO). This pioneering effort is the first attempted by a non-bank entity. Dondero is also known for his generous philanthropy. He sits on a number of boards and gives both time and funding to many organizations in and around Dallas.

Today, Highland is independently-owned and offers a wide range of product to an even wider range of investors. The company is steadily broadening its base and looking to create other unique products for its clientele. Highland has offices in New York, Seoul, Singapore and Brazil but plans to open other global offices in the near future.

Business Growth In The New Decade

When it comes to a businesses’ future, an understanding of financial matters is paramount. The problem is, not that many businessmen and CEOs know or fully understand the various aspects of corporate finance, especially in a large-scale professional endeavor.

It seems that those who should know more about corporate financial matters don’t know nearly enough. We see this in the hundreds of businesses that falter in this country on a daily basis. Not just small business, but larger concerns find themselves at the end of the road because of financial mismanagement and non-planning. No one is immune from financial calamity, including big business. Without any adequate plan or personnel that can assess risk and formulate clear strategies for continued growth and capital gain, larger corporate concerns become also-rans very quickly in this volatile financial climate.

In situations of this nature, utilizing individuals who have a firm understanding of large-scale corporate finance and business development is a must. This is why individuals such as Brian Bonar are sought out. Bonar, a graduate of Stafford University in England, holds an MBA and PhD in business development studies. He has assisted businesses in economical and financial matters from IBM and STTN, to his own corporation, Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he served as CEO and chairman of the board.

This educational background and experience allows him to understand and navigate through the various nuances of large corporate finance. Without this experience, smaller concerns, as well as larger corporate entities without knowledge in these matters fall prey to unforeseen financial circumstances.
The greatest danger to these businesses is believing that they can go on and conduct business without considering the need for aggressive growth in up years. The prime opportunity to take market share dissipates when companies are lax to expand or explore the possibility of expansion. Check out Brian Bonar on

It is not enough to be financially viable and continue on with business as usual in the current climate. Calculations and forecast involving various factors must also be taken into consideration when operating a business in the 21st century. Without a thorough understanding of all of these factors, how they can affect business and profit, and a plan for dealing with factors in a logical manner, businesses take great chances in the foreseeable future.
This is why individuals of Bonar’s skillset exists: to project financial gain and risk, formulate plans to address that growth through existing operations and systems, and to bring those plans and growth to fruition.
Economic savvy is a must in business today. Without the help of individuals who possess an extensive amount of knowledge in how businesses do finance and how they utilize those finances for optimum growth, many entities stand today at a disadvantage.

My Sister’s Dog Is Healthier Now Because Of Beneful

I’ve owned several dogs over the years, but I haven’t owned a dog for over two years now. I had to give the dog away because I was moving to a different country, and I couldn’t take the dog with me. I’ve always had healthy dogs, and I never had a problem with caring for them. I recently moved back to the United States, and I was staying with my sister. My sister has a dog that I absolutely love, but I disagree with how she’s caring for her pet. I let her know that her pet was too big for its size, and he needed to lose some weight.

She actually took insult by the fact that I told her the dog was oversized, and she didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. I had to wait until she cooled off the next day, and then I gently explained to her the seriousness of the situation. I let her know that dogs are not supposed to be overweight, and the only reason they are is because of the food they’re eating, or because of the fact that they aren’t exercising properly. In my sister’s case, she didn’t feed the dog right, and she wasn’t exercising him.

She told me that I should do better with her dog if I can. I took this as a challenge, and I decided I would start caring for her dog. Even though I lived in the same house with her, I started buying the dog food that I believed would help him to lose weight. My food of choice for the dog was Beneful, and their Facebook page has plenty of reviews from real people singing their praises. I didn’t just choose any kind of dog food, but I picked one that would help him to lose weight. Beneful has several kinds of dog foods, but there’s also one that’s formulated for weight loss.

I started feeding the dog Beneful every day, and he would eat up to three times a day. I got up in the morning, and I walked the dog for an hour. I wasn’t working at the time, so I had no problem with exercising the dog. I would take the dog for another walk in the evening, but this walk would be for half an hour. Altogether, the dog got an hour and a half of exercise each day, and he was eating food that had less calories.

Helping a dog lose weight is not much different than helping a human because the less calories you take in, the less likely humans are to gain weight. The dog was eating less calories and exercising regularly, and I regularly weighed him myself. Each week he was losing at least half a pound or more, and he was down almost four pounds by the end of the month. My sister was actually impressed, and she noticed how much more energy the dog had. Not only do I credit Beneful with the weight loss of my sister’s dog, but I also credit the fact that he exercises a lot more now.

Joseph Bismark, a Forward Thinker


The blog Citizen Shame recently posted an article about an unorthodox businessman named Joseph Bismark. Bismark is a business man with a firm belief in spirituality. His belief in spirituality is so firm that he feels it behooves everyone to combine it with business. I was skeptical that mixing business and spirituality would be beneficial, but after reading about Bismark I was convinced otherwise. 

Bismark’s business ventures can attest to the success mixing spirituality and business has brought him. Bismark was one of the primary founders of the successful company called QI Limited. His success is also greatly illustrated in the time he spent as the Managing Director of the QI Group. He also founded the RYTHM Foundation, which is part of the QI Group. In addition to being the Managing Director he also serves as a member on the board of directors of the QI Group. These are all things achieved by Bismark with the help of his unorthodox belief that mixing spirituality and business is beneficial for a company. 

Bismark gained the belief that mixing spirituality and business is beneficial during the time he studied as a monk. When he was younger Bismark dedicated his time to serving and studying as a monk in the Philippines. To me this came across as a noble and brave endeavor, due to him having to turn his back on his life of comforts and luxuries. Once he had finished serving as a monk Bismark realized that the knowledge he had gained would be well suited for the world of business. So he began to incorporate the spiritual teachings he was taught into his business practices. With this new incorporation he earned great success. Despite having achieved so much Bismark does not forget the time he served as a monk. Bismark still lives a simple life. He also retains his humility and remains and a very down-to-earth individual. This is evident in the philanthropic work he does with the RYTHM Foundation and the other contributions to his community. In all I find Bismark to be a very progressive individual with inspiring ideas.

Investment Banking Services as Offered by Madison Street Capital

Investment banks are institutions that facilitate companies, individuals and government to raise financial capital. The firm acts as a client’s representative in the issuing of collateral. It is imperative to note that investment banks do not take deposits and this element makes them dissimilar from retail and commercial banks. Over the years, investment firms have been aiding different sectors of the economy to realize their potential by providing a multiplicity of services and innovative products.
Investment banks act as intermediaries between the buying public and private corporations that are ready to float new securities in the market. Investment firms assist in flotation services through raising capital and security underwriting services on behalf of their clients. These banks provide advisory services to market traders particularly on the valuation of their business, pricing decisions, negotiation skills besides structuring of their capitals during acquisitions and mergers. Most of the investment banks are highly engaged in creation of services like financial management, issuance of IPOs, foreign exchange services and provision of market analysis for clients wanting to engage in buying or selling their securities in the stock market.
The functions of Investment banking firms extend to matching up of buyers and sellers in the markets through innovative product offing. They also purchase and sell securities from their own account to facilitate smooth trade in securities. Investment firms are highly involved in functions such as risk management, compliance to regulatory frameworks, financial control and strategic decision-making processes. In investment banking there are two sides of business; the selling side and the buying side. The selling side engages in trading of securities. On the other hand, the buying side offers advisory services to institutions that would like to engage in investing their finances to their preferred portfolios. Some investment banks have branches that deal with hedge funds, unit trusts, private equity funds, mutual funds and provision of insurance services.
Madison Street Capital (Facebook) is an international investment bank that offers financial advisory services, merger and acquisition services, opinions on the finances of different corporations and business valuation services. The company’s headquarters are in Illinois, Chicago beside establishing other offices in Africa, Asia and North America. The investment bank is well endowed in partnering with middle market firms with the view to creating best business outcomes for their clients. They handle diverse portfolios by analyzing the needs of each client and partnering them with the best buyer and sellers in the market. In addition, the bank provides the expected financing and promotes capitalization systems that serve to maximize client’s potential.
Madison Street Capital (YouTube) provides financial assistance to companies that offer business services, consumer goods companies, healthcare providers, energy and utilities, distribution, manufacturing, technology and telecommunication firms. Investment banks are quite essential in the development of private and public companies as they provide innovative products and services to the market.

Plymouth Rock Assurance Study Suggests Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation is Open to Interpretation


A recent study by the insurance company Plymouth Rock Assurance examined how people react to an evacuation order associated with an oncoming hurricane. Based on an article originally published by Accuweather many people base the likelihood that they would evacuate on the “severity of the storm.” A survey consisting of 1,001 residents of the state of New Jersey demonstrated that 42 percent of those surveyed would consider the storms severity when deciding to leave.

The Plymouth Rock Assurance survey continued by determining how many respondents would prepare differently for a storm after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the area than they did prior. Of those polled, 57 percent stated that it would depend on the severity of the storm. Only 23 percent stated it would be safer to evacuate.

Though it is believed that the impact of Hurricane Sandy has raised awareness of the potential dangers of a sever storm other psychological factors may need to be factored in. It is postulated that what a person’s home is perceived to mean to them may impact their decision to leave or stay. Additionally, whether the home owner had previous experience either evacuating or riding out a storm could also impact a decision to stay or go. Those who successful rode out a storm previously may be more likely to discount the severity of the next storm during the decision making process.

Plymouth Rock Assurance, who hosted the survey, is part of the Plymouth Rock family of insurance companies primarily based out of the northeastern United States. Executive James Stone is the founder and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance. Currently, the Plymouth Rock Group of companies manages over $1 billion in home owners and automobile insurance annually.

Why Seek The Advocacy Of A Competent Lawyer Like Dan Newlin For Personal Injury Lawsuits

If someone has been harmed due to another person’s wrongful conduct, they might be eligible to get settlements from court ruling. To get the court decree, the victim is supposed to prove particular information that entitles them to damages. They must similarly file their complaints within the law of limitations- 2 or 3 years following the damages in majority of the states.

You Should File a Summons Plus Lawsuit
To sue a person for personal damage, a victim should file their lawsuit in the specific state where they suffered the injury, or within a state that is linked with the defendant. The summons features a notice informing the defendant to show up in court so as to answer to a lawsuit. The lawsuit defines the victim’s assertion in detail. A state representative or even process server is going to individually provide the summons alongside the defendant who should answer in writing to lawsuit. The court is going to schedule a date for the initial hearing.

You Should Prove Particular Aspects
A personal damage case is normally founded on carelessness, intentional tort, or even harsh liability. To prove carelessness, someone should demonstrate that the perpetrator failed to satisfy a responsibility to the plaintiff (the responsibility to drive carefully, for instance), that this botch led to as accident, and that this accident injured the plaintiff. Someone may demonstrate a deliberate tort by indicating that the accused acted with an intention of injuring the person-for instance through punching the person in the nostril. In several cases a plaintiff may win according to “strict liability,” without demonstrating the offender was liable. Harsh liability can apply in case someone was harmed by a faulty commodity.

It’s Simpler to Win a Personal Injury Lawsuit
In a felonious prosecution, the lawful norm is “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” In personal damage lawsuits, the legal custom is a “preponderance of evidence.” This implies all a person has to do is demonstrate that the accused is over 50% possible to be liable for the victim’s damage. These varied norms explain why perpetrators who are cleared in criminal lawsuits frequently lose personal damage complaints founded on similar evidence.

Damages Aren’t Restricted to Medical Bills
You may claim damages for numerous different elements of a plaintiff’s injury, featuring past plus forthcoming medical bills, lost grind time, plus pain alongside suffering. Compensations for pain plus suffering are frequently some times as big as compensations for medical expenses plus lost grind time.

In carelessness cases, a person’s damages can be lowered if at all they were partially responsible for the accident.

An Attorney May Assist
The law encompassing personal harm cases is complex. Moreover, the facts of every lawsuit are unique. Thus, it is imperative to be represented by a competent and experienced personal injury attorney such as the Florida-based lawyer, Dan Newlin.

Trump Rephrases His Comments About Mexico And Mexicans

Donald Trump knew his comments about Mexico and Mexicans wouldn’t be received well. But he never thought his business would suffer the way it has because of those comments. Nonetheless, Trump stands by those comments and has added a few more for good measure. The Donald recently said some Mexicans are bringing infectious diseases along with the drugs and crime into the United States. Trump tried to clarify his remarks recently, but he added more fuel to the raging fire at his business doorstep.

Trump’s message is harsh, but there is some truth in it. Brad Reifler told me that not all Mexicans are drug dealers and criminals as Reuters can also report. People from all cultures are drug dealers and criminals. Trump used Mexico as an example to strengthen his stand on illegal immigration, even though fewer Mexicans are crossing the border these days.

The mistake Trump made was throwing his hat in the political arena. Trump should have stayed on the sidelines and supported a candidate that shared his viewpoint on immigration and other issues. But Trump couldn’t do that. He had to feed his ego, and he is using expensive fuel to do it.

More Trouble for Trump

Business mogul Donald Trump continues to make headlines. The presidential hopeful’s problems began with remarks made about Mexican immigrants last month. He made comments saying that Mexican immigrants are bringing drugs and crime across U.S. borders, but finishes saying he assumes that “some are good people.”


Clearly the inflammatory statements caused major waves across the nation, with people and companies alike taking a stand against him. Singer Ricky Martin expressed disdain for Trump’s ignorance. Hispanic networks and broadcasters like Univision and Televisa dropped him. Sergio Cortes said that NBC and Macy’s did as well, stating that his remarks were out of line with their vision.

Consequently in Mexico, Donald Trump pinatas are all the rage. Interestingly enough though in the U.S., his ratings are rising even amidst the controversy. He is now the number two candidate in the polls. The statistics appear to show what some are saying, that his honest remarks are a refreshing change to the usual political rhetoric.