Medical Marijuana War Ends With Passage Of New Spending Bill

According to the LA Times, the federal government added a provision in the 1,600 page spending measure that Obama recently signed into law. That provision ends the feds prohibition of medical marijuana. Congress has demonstrated a huge shift in their attitude toward medical pot, and that means reclassifying the pot to a Schedule II drug should be forthcoming.

CNN feels that the Democrats were the catalyst for this bill, but Republicans did join in. They had no choice. What this law means in terms of marijuana use is, the feds can’t closed down or impede medical facilities from dispensing pot as long as they follow the law. In other words, the feds can’t raid pot dispensaries.

The war on medical marijuana is over. Thirty-two states have legalized the use of pot for medical reasons, and it’s only a matter of time before all the states use marijuana to relieve several different types of symptoms.

Congress is slow, and at times it doesn’t move, so legalization of recreational pot may take more debates and more religious snarling before it becomes the law of the land. But make no mistake; pot will be legalized. There’s too much money in the smoke not to legalize it.

Fiscal Responsibility: The Ugliest of Masks Donned by the GOP

While the Republican Party makes its case for the upcoming annual budgetary debate, it seems as though nothing will ever change in terms of the party’s misguided ideologies concerning millions of hard-working Americans and their quality of life. More often than not, it’s hard to fathom how the party tries to hide behind fiscal responsibility while continuing to satiate the fat cats and starve the middle-and-lower socioeconomic classes. With that said, let the squabbling begin.

According to Reddit, the current right-wing budget aims to slash roughly $5 trillion over the next ten years. A number of programs designed to stimulate across-the-board economic prosperity would incur huge funding setbacks, including education, job training, infrastructure rebuilding, Medicare/Medicaid, and the list continues, but here’s the kicker; the wealthy would receive even bigger tax cuts through yet another a loophole adding up to over $1 trillion. They seem to think this is a fair proposal, as their ability to use chicanery in the past has been downgraded to a good old-fashioned ruse.

Antipodean counter-strikes from the Democratic Party stand a much better chance of being implemented. The “People’s Budget: A Raise for America” contains provisions intended to thwart every single one of the GOP’s proposals. Instead of trying to break the backbone of America, these budgetary provisions are designed to prioritize education funding on all levels, infrastructure rebuilding, create millions of jobs and virtually dissolve unemployment within a two-year period.

Staying true to their esoteric convictions, the GOP is proving how much they’re really worth when it comes to dollars and the lack of sense.

The Skout App And Company Strategies

Skout is an app that uses the global position system on a cell phone to find other users in a certain radius. It does not pinpoint each users exact location. Users can turn off the location tracking feature at any time.

Skout Company Info

Skout has the biggest mobile network that operates globally. The staff at Skout has a goal, which involves giving users great opportunities to meet new people in many cities around the world. Most people use Skout because it makes the entire meeting process less stressful.

Although teens can use Skout, the tracking feature can only be used by the adult community Users can view activities and profiles when they search for others individuals using the app. Skout users can send messages and gifts using the app too.

Skout also has a feature that is ideal for travelers. By using the app’s tracking feature, users can meet new people when they visit new cities. However, the Skout Travel feature is not free; users must pay a fee each month to use the service.

Shake to Chat is another feature that is available on the app. When users shake their phones, the app contacts other people who are shaking their phones at the same exact moment.

Company News

Skout now has a partnership with a company called Fuse. The developers at Fuse designed a useful group messaging app that compliments Skout’s services. Thanks to the new technical upgrades, users now have several minutes to respond after someone launches Fuse. When the timer ends, the content on Fuse will vanish. When this happens, no one will see the content again. This is a unique strategy because it puts pressure on the user. The individual must choose to jump in quickly or ignore the timer.

To learn more about Skout, download the app and test the free services.

Kerry Washington’s LGBTQ+ Speech

The GLAAD speech that 38-year-old African-American actress Kerry Washington, the star of Scandal, gave on March 21 after receiving a Vanguard Award for her work promoting all forms of equality is still being spoken about online today.

Washington mentioned that Hollywood needs to embrace more members of the LGBTQ+ community, including not only homosexuals and lesbians but bisexuals, transsexuals and others. According to Jason Halpern in the speech she mentioned that many groups of people who are still “marginalized,” such as women, people with disabilities, people of color and poor people, need to stop fighting each other. Washington noted how many people who describe themselves as African-American or black are homophobic and against gay marriage even as they advocate racial equality and interracial marriage. She repeatedly stated they need to be “allies” to the many people who have also been made to feel “less than.”

Washington has been repeatedly praised for eloquently touching on every major inequality topic. She was also praised for calling out the fact that within various groups people have been made to feel that there are “limited seats at the table” for anyone who might be classified as “other” and that people from those groups have become fearful and even willing to betray each other outside and within their own groups as a result. She emphasized that “inclusive” storytelling has power and that there needs to be more diverse LGBT representation in the media and entertainment sectors.

Ted Cruz Formally Announces He’s Running for President

Senator Ted Cruz, member of the ultra-right wing faction of the Republican party, the Tea Party, has formally announced that he is running for president in 2016. Cruz announced his candidacy during a speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He cited his faith and his upbringing as reasons for running for President of the United States. Liberty University is the largest Christian University in the US. Cruz pledged to spend more effort and money on border patrol, abolish the IRS, show support for Israel, oppose same-sex marriage, and repeal the affordable care act.

Ted Cruz is a first tern senator from Texas, who has continued to hold steadfast to his very conservative beliefs and viewpoints despite being outspoken, even among his own party. Susan McGalla says that he is the first candidate to official announce his candidacy in the 2016 race. There are number of other politicians who’s candidacy has been assumed but has not been announced yet, including Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Rick Santorum, among others.

Traditionally candidates form an exploratory committee before deciding to run for president and secure their parties bid for President, but the 44 year old senator has decided not to do that. Instead he has decided to announce his candidacy early. Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother. His father is an immigrant from Cuba, and only recently became a U.S. citizen, but according to experts he is still considered natural born and can be elected president.

U.S. Navy Seal Killed in Parachute Accident

A United States Navy Seal was killed when his parachute malfunctioned during a training jump in Perris, California located just outside of Riverside. The Navy Seal was part of a seal team participating in a training jump. The group was based on the West Coast Navy Seal station but Navy officials have not disclosed the name of the Naval officer or the unit he was attached to. U.S. Navy Seal Killed in Parachute Jump During training Exercise

I didn’t know this until Broda told me but Navy Seals are required to go through jump qualifying school as part of their initial training, but they also make numerous training jumps even after they have been qualified as part of general training or in preparation for a specific mission. No information of the nature of the training was provided. The Navy Seals is one of the U.S. armed forces highly secret military units. It is not expected that much information will be released so as not to comprise potential preparation for a mission. Additionally, Navy Seal training is one of the most hazardous training in the entire military and it is not unusual for Navy Seal members to be injured or even killed in higher ratios than other branches of the military as they continue their training.

It is expected that the Navy will release the name of the sailor after proper notification of next of kin. It is doubtful more information regarding the nature of the accident will be released.

Republicans Plan Attack Plan for A Clinton Candidacy

Although the Presidential election is more than a year and a half away and Hillary Clinton has not even announced that she will run for office, republicans are preparing and in some instances already implementing its “get Hillary” strategy to keep her out of the White House. Republicans Prepare to Attack Hillary

Republicans have not been in the White House since George W. Bush and have be consternated with its two losses to Barack Obama in the past two elections said With Hillary Clinton all but anointed the next democratic nominee, the republican party can dedicate time and resources at a much earlier stage in devising a plan to press an attack on the Clinton candidacy. The republicans have little hope of seeing Clinton knocked off during the democratic nomination process but they are by many accounts of outside observers, devising a strategy of “death by a thousand cuts.” They know that Clinton, who has been the first lady, Senator and Secretary of State, is politically savvy to make any glaring mistakes or leave any bread crumbs that could ignite a political firestorm. But instead, republican political operatives hope by magnifying every little misstep and every little hint of controversy, regardless of whether it exists or not, they will be able to plant enough seeds of doubt in a Clinton candidacy that by the time the general election is upon the nation, Clinton has been soften enough in the public confidence and mindset that a republican nominee has a chance to beat her.

Magician David Copperfield Grants Dying Boy’s Wish

Aiden Davis is a ten-year-old boy from Pennsylvania who has been battling terminal cancer. When he was three-years-old he was diagnosed with cancer. It has now spread to his pelvis and become terminal. When Aiden found out, he asked for three wishes to be fulfilled before it was too late: have a sleepover with his friend, have a party with his fourth-grade class, and see his favorite magician David Copperfield perform in Las Vegas. Aiden’s last wish was granted this past February.

After hearing about Aiden’s wish, many people took to Twitter and Facebook to contact the famous magician to see if Aiden and his family could get into one of his Vegas shows stated Well, David Copperfield responded and did way better than just giving them tickets to a show. He flew Aiden and his family to Las Vegas where he treated them with a tour around town in a stretch limo after he noticed Aiden’s interest in them. He stopped at the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign where he posed for pictures with the family. He then took them to a giant observation wheel and showed them around his private collection of magical artifacts.

Copperfield made Aiden part of his show the night they saw him. He helped Copperfield perform levitation illusions and got to meet the backstage crew.

David Copperfield seems like a class-act.

Check out the full story on the NY Daily News website.

Being Alone Could Lessen Your Life Expectancy


More and more people are choosing to live alone, not get married and not have children stated Zeca Oliveira. While these choices are fine and perfectly acceptable, choosing to be alone for long periods of time could actually shorten your life expectancy. Having down time where you spend time alone and take care of yourself by relaxing, reading, or completing a hobby is important. But people who feel lonely, are isolated or live alone are at a great risk of dying earlier on in life, by a total of thirty percent. Isolation is now being compared to bad habits such as smoking, overeating or being physically inactive. Being alone and feeling lonely is the equivalent of smoking fifteen cigarettes per day.

Luckily there are plenty of ways to fix this issue even if you are currently living alone. You can make plans to go out with friends regularly, you can join a local club or organization or you can choose to volunteer. Getting out on a regular basis and interacting with others is often all you need to lift your spirits and keep you healthy. It has also been proven that owning a pet can help combat loneliness especially during those long winter months when you often cannot leave the house because of issues beyond your control. And of course there is always the option of partnering up and embarking on a new and exciting relationship.