Fabletics – Redefining Customer Experience in the Athleisure Industry

The new Fabletics store at South Park Mall is a reflection of great things to come for the “athleisure” clothing brand that has already tasted success, online. The most recent opening is the 7th such physical storefront for Fabletics, which provides residents of North Carolina a chance to try their favorite sporty outfits before buying. If reports by Forbes are true that Fabletics will aggressively expand its operations to open another 75 to 100 physical outlets, the brand will join the elite online retailer club such as Amazon and Blue Nile Inc., which have successfully adapted the strategy of combining online sales with off-sales channels. In fact, the opening of six other Fabletics stores across various destinations across the United States, in a short passage of time, give sustenance to the idea of rapid expansion for Fabletics.

Founded in July 2013, Fabletics started as an online retailer of women sportswear and accessories. Consumers could order the trendy and brightly colored outfits by subscribing to an online catalog, which was primarily restricted to members paying a monthly subscription fee to access the inventory. However, the transformation began in the following year when one of its founders, Kate Hudson, featured prominently on the online website prompting the general public to view and buy listings, online. Currently, Kate Hudson acts as a brand ambassador of the brand; whereas other co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler oversee operational aspects of Fabletics.

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A quick glance at the inventory makes it clear that Fabletics is promoting its clothing based on three important parameters, value-for-money, low price and quick inventory turnover. As for the bold attire, each Fabletics clothing piece embodies colorful and quirky design. For instance, a sports bra on display included lots of crisscrossed back straps paired with backless tops to enhance the colorful design. In fact, various single-colored sports bras are paired with colorful shorts to signify the taste of its buyer. Similarly, the company proactively compares prices of its outfits against its competitors ensuring that various price points are able to attract a variety of consumers. Hence, it comes as no surprise that some of the most popular designs in the new physical stores are almost twice as low as a similar quality outfit in other “athleisure” stores. In addition to the style and price, Fabletics also distinguishes itself based on inventory turnover where it introduces new clothes every month based on the demand of consumers. The consumer preference data is mainly generated from online surveys, which is used to introduce new clothes, each month. As a result, the objective of Fabletics is to generate revenue by introducing new clothes that are already certified by consumers. For more news information about Fabletics, readers may visit http://www.racked.com/2016/2/15/10995348/fabletics-stores-kate-hudson

When George Soros Trade Big in Gold Stock, Something is Up

For those who are preparing for the impending economic collapse, the signs are becoming more and more prevalent that the time to be prepared in now. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-usmr/ and https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/shop/

No more putting it off for a day in the future when it is too late. George Soros has always been capable of setting up advantageous opportunities with destabilized foreign currency trading.

He is a master at manipulation of the markets as he uses a portion of his fortune to orchestrate events in various key governments to cause volatility in these important economic engines such as the United States and parts of Europe. The best way to prepare is to buy gold from the US Money Reserve.

Dabbling in agitator groups such as Move On dot org, Occupy Wall Street and now Black Lives Matter, Soros enables disastrous consequences and cause uncertainty in markets where he takes advantage of the shaky conditions that arise from his funding of aggressive protest groups. Moveon dot org was funded to make sure Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

During the Obama Administration, Occupy Wall Street was funded by George Soros to cause unrest in the country and especially on Wall Street to create the chaotic situation that has only heated up since then making gold bought from the US Money Reserve even necessary for those who wish to preserve their fortunes.

He is a king at taking advantage of the value of currencies as these ripples of uncertainty propagate through the world’s economic labyrinth. Since this man is now worth billions, he will have funds to play with the world’s financial markets.

Until the average person educates him or herself about about the money markets he will be the one who benefits. Everyone can benefit by buying Gold. Read more: Why Buy Gold

Gold is the most tried and true method to preserve wealth. Real gold can be purchased from the US Money Reserve. They will easily educate their customers about to how prepare for the market swings that will collapse the dollar.

Philip Diehl, the President of US Money Reserve has implemented changes that will make the gold option even more practical and solid for investing in real value to protect wealth. Diehl stated that, “We turned what was a pretty backwards agency and turned it into a real entrepreneurial agency. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

One of the hallmarks of that was making a six-year commitment to improving customer service. We eventually matched the very best American businesses in terms of customer satisfaction.”

This action has launched US Money Reserve to the status of the largest distributor of government-issued gold and precious metal bullion bars. The popular self=directed program has provided success and security for all.

Profitability of the Banking Industry

If you thought that the banking industry is not among the best investments, you better think again. Companies in the banking industry are making it big. So, nothing should be stopping you from making an investment in the industry. Take for example the case of NextBank.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

NextBank has been hitting the record on assets, earnings and deposit. And, it’s not only for one year. This has now become their trend. For four consecutive years now, they have hit some remarkable digits, all round.

The company has been witnessing growth in all its business aspects. Am talking earnings, profitability and even loans. So, what does this tell you about the company? It means that NextBank is a profitable investment. Growing for four years straight is no joke. Therefore, if you are looking to invest, it is definitely wise to invest in this company’s shares.

NextBank Capital Inc. is a leading financial service company with their primary business being mortgage banking, commercial banking and investment banking. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company establishment can be traced back to 1922. The company has since grown and offers its financial and banking services to institutions, individuals and businesses all over the United States.

NextBank has almost a century of experience in the banking and financial industry. They have helped individuals, families and businesses reach their potential by providing them tailored financial services to meet their needs. Their services are customized with the aim of protecting your finances and helping multiply them. If you would like to get their services, you can reach them via email or telephone calls. They will help you set up an account and start your success journey.

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Low Prices Are Available At FreedomPop For Cell Phone Service

Those who are suffering because of the high prices from their current cell phone company may want to choose a different phone company, especially since there are other companies that charge less money. Cell phone companies feel that $100 a month is a good deal for an unlimited cell phone plan, but this price is just too high. Even phone companies that charge $50 a month are still charging a high price because FreedomPop only charges $20 a month for the same service. Why choose a service provider that gives unlimited phone calls, text messages, and data for $50 a month when it’s possible to get it for only $20 a month?

It may seem nearly impossible to have great phone service that only costs $20 each month, but FreedomPop has busted this myth and made it a reality. Those who join FreedomPop’s unlimited $20 a month service will be getting excellent phone service that is better than many other networks out there. With high-speed Internet as well as constant access to text messages and phone calls, one will never have to worry about limiting the use of their cell phone. It’s also possible to use the new smartphones on the market with this cell phone plan, which gives the user many additional features to use.

With FreedomPop’s $20 a month unlimited cell phone plan, it’s possible to have a great smartphone that makes unlimited phone calls, has unlimited text messages, and has unlimited data. No person won’t have to worry about being able to make a phone call because they have reached their minute allotments, which is sometimes the case with other phone companies. Some phone companies will even limit the data that a person can use, which can drastically halt the use of their smartphone, especially where GPS is concerned.

Those who use GPS on their phone will need data, so unlimited data through FreedomPop makes it easier to use the GPS on a phone, especially when going to unknown places where the GPS is most needed. Data can also be used to research information on the Internet, and if the data is limited, then those who go over their data allotment will be charged additional fees or will have no data access. Anyone who chooses to go to FreedomPop for their cell phone service needs will no longer have to worry about data caps, text limits, or phone call limits again.

Reference Link: http://www.savingfreak.com/freedompop-review/

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Wen by Chaz- A Review by Beauty Fanatic Emily McClure

Have you ever wondered if there was a product out there that could provide you with healthier, shinier and thicker hair? If so you need to check out this review I just found by Emily McClure on bustle.com outlining her review and experience with the Cleansing Conditioner from Wen by Chaz [http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html]. Emily put this product to the test for an entire week while documenting her thoughts and experience in an article that she shared with the world. Over the course of 7 days, Emily noticed a significant difference in her hair. It was healthier. It was shinier and appeared much thicker than before. You can clearly see this in the pictures she included in her review. Emily would recommend Wen and suggests that you use it before styling your hair for the best outcome.

WEN by Chaz Dean is an incredible line of hair care products that offer products for cleansing, treating and boosting the health of your hair. Wen by Chaz includes several different products, all of which are made utilizing natural organic products. You can find the cleansing conditioner reviewed by Emily in three different formulas. If you are interested in trying out all of the products offered in the Wen by Chaz product line I recommend that you purchase from Amazon their deluxe kit as it includes more variety for the cost. You can also purchase a sephora healthy hair kit with 3 products or a travel sized kit with 5 products in travel-friendly sizes for using on the go. If you have never heard of Wen by Chaz I highly suggest reading the original review on Bustle.com by Emily here and learning more about their products on their website here.

Dresses for the Everyday Woman

There are a lot of different options when looking at getting a good dress for your leisure activities in Fabletics. You may wonder what you can do in order to find the right one for you. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you may think.

How it Works

There are a lot of ways to get clothing like this, but with Fabletics, you don’t have to worry about going out to get the dresses or clothing you want. Fabletics allows you to set up the kinds of clothing you like the most. This can include the designs of the clothing. Once they have an idea of what you like and what you want, they can take that and send you the kinds of clothing you will wear. The way it works is rather painless because you don’t have to remember to order every month. You only need to do it once and then you just sit and wait for your clothing to come right to you.

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Why it’s a Great Idea

The reason of Fabletics it’s such a great idea is because you don’t have to worry about going out and finding the clothing you want like you would if you didn’t have it delivered to you. All you need to do is wait for it to come every month like clockwork. Then you will get the clothing you love for a price that is even better. See: http://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/fabletics-to-make-big-push-into-retail-10181356/

There are a lot of different reasons you might want to look at this kind of clothing, but if you are not in an area that has a lot of stores for you to visit, then this may be a great idea. You can get all kinds of clothing as well as be able to feel good about yourself while looking good. You should take your time to find the right service to find the right clothing and the right price for you, but you will not be able to find a service as good as Fabletics. What are you waiting for? 

Diversant Helps IT Job Seekers

For the job seekers out there, finding a job can be a difficult task, especially if you plan on finding a career in a competitive field. If this sounds like you, consider working with Diversant. Diversant is an IT recruiting and staffing company that helps people discover the job of their dreams. At Diversant, they do things a little differently. They do not believe in modifying resumes to fit the needs of potential clients. Instead, they look at your capabilities and skills before presenting them to potential clients. Diversant prides themselves on good communication skills, so both parties are aware of what is going on every step of the way.

John Goullet, Principal Executive of Diversant, began his career working as an IT consultant. Before long he decided to switch over to IT staffing and founded his first company, Info Technologies. What this company does is help provide solutions to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Within the first five years, Goullet’s company became a huge success as it grew to $30 million. Info Technologies also ranked number eight on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing firms in the United States. Eventually, John merged Info Technologies into what it is known today as Diversant, LLC. John has a clear understanding of these market trends, and he continues to develop new ways of overcoming challenges that appear in the ever-changing IT sector.

John has a strong passion for helping others and wants to see them succeed. He understands how challenging finding a job in the IT marketplace can be as he has been there himself. That is why he founded Diversant, to help job seekers find a job more easily. Everyone deserves some help and some answers, which is why people choose to work with Diversant. They create a calming atmosphere and listen to what you have to say. Diversant takes the time to work with each and every person on an individual basis and prides themselves on keeping them in the loop of what is going on. John has created a wonderful company that truly cares about every person that walks in the door.

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Dallas Business and Civic Leader join forces for Charitable Giving

Local Dallas business mogul, James Dondero, owner of Highland Capital, and civic leader Linda Owen are joining forces to organize charitable giving through The Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation manages Highland Capital’s charitable giving fund. Owen will work as a charitable giving manager for The Dallas Foundation, and provide a strategic vision for the organization to better utilize their generously donated funds.

Highland Capital is an extremely successful financial company. Under the leadership of James Dondero, Highland has made many lucrative deals including ventures in Argentina and other emerging markets. This as allowed Dondero to generously donate $3 million annually to The Dallas Foundation, which in turn gives to many worthwhile causes such as veteran’s groups, education and health care in the Dallas area. Some organizations that have benefited in the past are the George W. Bush Presidential Library, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the American Heart Association and much more.

Linda Owen’s new duties will be to effectively manage the charitable givings of the Dallas Foundation in a more efficient manner to get the most benefit. Owen said, ” Highland’s commitment to philanthropy is ispiring. The firm’s engagement in the work of all the organizations it supports goes beyond funding. It’s an incredible opportunity to work alongside a firm with that kind of dedication, and I look forward to help channel it into thoughtful, impactful giving.”

With Dondero’s leadership and generosity coupled with Owen’s expertise, the Dallas area’s quality of life is sure to improve in the future.

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Eric Pulier’s Busy and Diverse Career

Eric Pulier is a philanthropist, published author and businessman who comes from the United States. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Pulier is a “jack of all trades” of sorts. Aside from his aforementioned descriptions, he’s also a columnist, technologist and public speaker. Needless to say, Eric Pulier is an extremely busy professional. He’s created fifteen plus companies over the course of his career. Some of the businesses Pulier has been involved with are US Interactive, Digital Evolution, the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Desktone, Akana, ServiceMesh and Media Platform. The entrepreneur either established, helped establish or put money toward these specific organizations.

Pulier has made many charity and venture capital fund investments. His venture capital fund investments were for eCompanies, Trident Capital and Monitor Ventures.

Pulier is without a doubt a professional who has many duties on the job. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have time for family life, however. Pulier has four children he cares for immensely. He shares his Los Angeles lifestyle with his youngsters. Pulier also has numerous pastimes that aren’t related to his profession. He’s a “The Painted Turtle” board member, for example. The Painted Turtle is the name of a Lake Hughes, California summer camp that caters to children who suffer from chronic medical conditions. Pulier is also part of the XPRIZE Foundation’s Innovation Board.

Pulier currently is a Los Angeles resident, but he actually grew up all the way on the other side of the country in the township of Teaneck, New Jersey (Bergen County). He enrolled at the Ivy League school Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1984. He was an American and English literature major at the esteemed institution. While he was at the school, he penned a Harvard Crimson column. The Harvard Crimson is a newspaper for the university that was established back in 1873. Pulier completed his studies at Harvard in 1988. He relocated to sunny Los Angeles, California three years later. He created the company “People Doing Things” soon after moving across the nation. The firm was centered around concepts such as education, medical care and technological advancements.

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Steven Murray Developed the Unstoppable Team at CCMP Capital’s Success

Steven P. Murray, a leader, and Ex-CEO of CCMP. Murray was with CCMP from the beginning. In 1984 Murray’s journey to build what is known today as CCMP began.

He was with Chemical Venture Partners, a small Chemical Bank unit. As Chemical Venture Partners grew in size and strength, they merged with Manufacturers Hanover. Chemical Bank then merged with Chase Manhattan Bank and added a name change to Chase Capital Partners. Again, another name change as Chase Capital Partners is renamed JP Morgan Partners. Finally, in 2006, CCMP Capital emerged from JP Morgan Partners through their growth expansion that year.

Through all the mergers and name changes, CCMP remained strong and their growth pattern forged forward with the leadership of Steven P. Murray. During the entire expansion and growth, Murray carefully and successfully selected the “best of the best” to lead CCMP to work as a team and lead CCMP to the success they enjoy today with their portfolio of investments. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://xrepublic.net/2014/09/11/stephen-murray-the-great-investor-and-deal-maker-for-ccmp-capital/ and http://fortune.com/2015/02/17/exclusive-ccmp-capital-ceo-stephen-murray-leaves-firm/

A few of CCMP’s investments include Aramark, Metro Cash and Carry, Pinnacle Foods Groups, Generac Power Systems, and healthcare businesses, such as LHP Hospital Group, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Holdings, Inc., Shoes For Crews, PQ Corporation merger with Edo Services Operations LLC, and many others. One of the most interesting acquisitions during 2015 was Shoes For Crews. This exciting acquisition is the global leader in slip-resistant footwear.

The original founders of this company known as the Smith family founded Shoes For Crews in 1984 and patented a marvelous slip-resistant footwear compound that has taken the slip-and-fall accidents to an unheard of decline in the restaurant industry, dock and ship workers, warehouse and healthcare and hospitality sectors.

Not all industries are onboard with this product at present, but many have added the purchase of these shoes as required footwear for jobs. Industrial accidents are on the decline in many sectors of the workforce and will continue to decline as on-the-job safety standards change.

Also, in 2015, it was with tremendous sorrow that CCMP announced the passing of Steven P. Murray due to an unknown illness. Stephen Murray became very ill early in 2015, resigning from his position as CEO of CCMP, and passing away at home with his family beside him on March 12, 2015, at the age of 52.

He is truly missed, and his team continues to perform with excellence driving CCMP to another level of success.

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Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees