Senator Sanders Announces Campaign and Free Tuition

While most of the media has been covering the Republican side of the 2016 presidential race, Bernie Sanders has been making waves on the Democratic side by beginning his campaign against Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is a veteran Democrat in the Senate, who affiliates with the Socialist Party. He has been a far left leader in the Senate, and is basing his campaign on a much more populist platform than his contender. He began his campaign with a bang by additionally submitting his proposal for free college tuition according to Susan McGalla. His bill would provide free college education to four and two year schools to any American citizen.

Many European countries already provide secondary education at no cost to the student, but in the United States student debt has become the largest form of debt, and is the most difficult to get rid of. Student’s graduate in debt of greater than 100,000 dollars, which will remain with them and ruin their credit for the rest of their lives. Leaving young adults with so much debt greatly effects the financial decisions that they make, including when to start a family and when to buy a house instead of renting. Senator Sanders believes that by removing the debt burden from young people, the inflation of college prices will slow and young people will have the opportunity to spur the economy. With his campaign announcement, Senator Sanders is the top contender against HIllary Clinton.

Rand Paul Filibuster’s Patriot Act to Stop the NSA from Collecting Data

The Patriot Act was passed in 2001, a piece of legislation which gave the NSA free reign to collect our information without our permission or knowledge. A particularly important part of the Patriot Act, Section 215, is set to expire at the end of May which would prevent the NSA from the illegal surveillance activities they have been engaging in for more than a decade. However, some members of Congress are committed to seeing the bill renewed but not if Rand Paul as anything to say about it.

Several politicians have been planning to filibuster in order to prevent the bill from renewing, forcing it to expire instead. Presidential candidate Rand Paul is on that list saying, “There comes a time in the history of nations when fear and complacency allow power to accumulate and liberty and privacy to suffer. That time is now, and I will not let the Patriot Act, the most unpatriotic of acts, go unchallenged.”

America was founded on the freedom of its citizens, and the insidiously named Patriot Act took many of those freedoms away. In fact, a recent appeals court ruled the surveillance practices used by the NSA infringed on our rights as American citizens and has no legal basis whatsoever. In an article on jornadacriminosa Gianfrancesco Genoso points out that it’s hard to understand why some politicians are eager to see such legislation renewed, a process which is hopefully stopped with politicians such as Rand Paul filibustering.

Clinton Addresses Her Concerns with TPP

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton, the presumptive 2016 Democrat Party presidential nominee, made her clearest statement to date on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) according to VentureBeat . The massive trade deal will be the largest such agreement in the history of the world affecting 40% of the planet’s GDP. The opposition has taken a forceful stand against the trade deal with Senator Elizabeth Warren being an outspoken critic of it. In response to a question from a voter, Mrs. Clinton spelled out her opposition to the deal by stating she has concerns about two critical aspects of the trade treaty: currency manipulation and Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS).

Specifically, Mrs. Clinton says that she wants to better understand how TPP will deal with nations that manipulate the value of their currency to make their exports more competitive against American products. Specifically, this matter refers to Japan. Experts concur that it is Japanese currency manipulation that makes their cars more affordable to American consumers and makes American automobiles more expensive to Japanese consumers. However, it is well understood that TPP does not address currency manipulation at all. As for ISDS, it is an integral part of the trade deal. Mrs. Clinton wants to make sure that TPP will not allow foreign companies to overturn US labor and environmental regulations. At the same time, Clinton says she will withhold judgment until she sees the final deal. Therein lies the rub. President Obama will not release the final deal until after he has obtained fast-track authority. By that time, Congress will have few options for dealing with the trade deal’s fundamental flaws.

Bernie Sanders Would Pay for Free College by Taxing Stock Trades

As the age old anecdote says, “the devil’s in the details.” Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a 2016 contender for the Democrat Party nomination, unveiled a bill which he says will transform the United States secondary education system to resemble that of Scandinavia: free 4-year college tuition. Supporters of the initiative were quick to rejoice at a progressive finally bringing up legislation that if successful might produce a new generation of educated people. Supporters believe such a plan would enable the nation to better compete on a global scale. Still, the question will ultimately come down to budget restraints. A person may well ask how a nation running annual deficits will come up with the funding for this education initiative.

On Tuesday, the Vermont Senator and self-described socialist will unveil just how this initiative will work. It is widely expected that he will seek to impose a tax on stock trades and use the proceeds to cover the cost of education for the nation’s rising generation. However, the tax won’t be set on the trade transaction itself, but rather on the dollar value of the transaction. The Sanders bill would charge anyone trading their stocks fifty cents per $100 dollars. A small time trade of $500 would result in a fee of $2.50. A large $10,000,000 trade, of the sort done by exchange traded funds and mutual funds, would result in a fee of $50,000. Keith Mann says that Sanders claims the tax would also serve as a counter-incentive to high frequency transactions (HFT) which critics say add instability to the stock market.

Is NSA Celebrating The House Legislation That Stops Phone Snooping On Americans?

Some Insiders Say The Snooping Program Was More Trouble Than It Was Worth

NSA is one of those government agencies that has so many hidden agendas it’s hard to tell what is real and what is fake.The agency is shrouded in mystery, lies and deceit so it would only be natural for the NSA to say they are happy about the decision to stop collecting phone information from unsuspecting Americans. NSA says the program was a pain in the backside to begin with, but if that were true why does the agency keep doing it even after Congress put a lid on the program?

NSA has always known that collecting phone data on Americans doesn’t stop terrorism. The snooping doesn’t come close to catching the bad guys, and the history of the program proves that point. There is another reason for collecting personal data, and NSA isn’t about to tell the world what that reason is. They wouldn’t be NSA if they did.

Folks at Amen Clinics ( have found that the new House bill is called the USA Freedom Act, and it doesn’t actually stop the NSA from collecting data. The NSA snoops can still get the information from phone companies like Sprint, Verizon, and ATT. In a way, the USA Freedom Act is a win for NSA. They won’t have to pay as much for the information now. They will just force the phone companies to give it to them.

Historic’ Ruling States That Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Isn’t Sex Ed ‘

In a ruling that is being considered as historic, a California judge has declared that sex education that is focused on abstinence until marriage, does not meet the state’s requirements. Judging by the rate of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, the judge thinks that the right sex education is a public right.

Although the judge’s decision will only apply to the 40,000 students who go to Clovis Unified School District, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) thinks that it will set a good precedent in the state of California. The ruling is the first in the state to touch on sex education standards.

A law prohibiting schools from offering sex education based on inaccurate medical facts or biased information, had already been passed in the state in 2003. The problem is that schools in the state have been slow in implementing the law, hence the continued focus on abstinence based sex education.

California is not the only state affected by this problem according to Crystal Hunt on Facebook. This is due to the lack of national guidelines regulating sex education in our public schools. That is the reason why schools are still telling kids that they should only engage in sex when in marriage and that those who engage in sex are dirty.

Scientific research has already proven that abstinence only education does not work. Unfortunately, this kind of programs continue to enjoy funding from the federal and state governments.

John Kerry-Putin meeting in Sochi

On April 12th, John Kerry, the US secretary of state, is visiting Russia for the first time since the Ukrainian crisis. He will be landing in Sochi, Russia and hopefully will meet with President Vladimir Putin.

If he is able to meet with Putin, they will be talking about Ukraine, the Syrian Civil War and the wars in Yemen, Libya and Iran, according to the US state department. Kerry has not visited Russia since 2013.

Marie Harf, the spokesperson for the US state department says that this Russian trip is part of their continuing effort to maintain a direct line of communication with senior Russian officials. NJ Spotlight reports that the US wants to make sure that their views are clearly conveyed.

The spokesperson for Putin, Dmitry Peskov, will not confirm if there is a meeting on April 12th. He told a Russian radio station that no final decision has been made about a meeting with Kerry.

Kerry will meet with the foreign minister of Russia to remember the victims of World War II in the Black See. They will lay flowers for the victims.

Court Rules against Bulk Collection of Phone Records by the NSA

Those following at The Aspire New Brunswick recently got news that the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan recently ruled against the bulk collection of phone records of innocent American citizens by the NSA. Former defense contractor Edward Snowden brought the surveillance programs to light in 2013. Since then there has been a huge debate over whether these spy programs are constitutional or even justified in their attempts.

The Patriot Act was created in order to give authorities the tools necessary to combat terrorism at home. The NSA has taken the ball and run with it, to say the least. They have enacted wide scale surveillance programs that include private information from nearly every single American.

Judge Gerard Lynch ruled that laws which enabled authorities to collect business records did not mean they were able to collect phone records of innocent people. Collection of such information goes against any privacy expectations one could hope to have as an American.

The judges failed to rule on whether the Patriot Act was unconstitutional though. The ruling will have no bearing whatsoever on the current status of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act is set to expire on June 1st of this year. Whether or not it will be renewed is still up in the air.

Left Drums Up Old Interview on Scott Walker

It would appear the left winged media will stop at nothing to discredit the candidates representing the right side of the aisle, as they have once again drummed up attacks on the Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Apparently, reporters have found interviews from 18 years ago, in which Walker had stated he believed parents should not be told about defects with their children and then using it as an excuse to abort pregnancies. Okay let’s face it when it comes to women’s right to an abortion, the Republicans have gotten it wrong for the past 40 years. But that has not stopped them from trying to reverse the Row Vs. Wade decision. It also, has become political dynamite for any candidate that is unwise enough to avoid the social issue.

As for Walker and his still potential run for President in 2016, he should have known better even 18 years ago that words in an interview will never go away so if you are going to take a stand on a controversial issue you had better be prepared to suffer its consequences for the rest of your career. Now for the left winged media…there will be plenty of reasons not to vote for any one of the candidates next year. There is really no reason to drum up words someone spoke in an interview 18 years previously when he was not in the position he is now. If he truly believed there should be a law asserting lying to patients then he had the chance as Governor to present it to his state legislature. Obviously this is no longer a concern of his…so should we actually be talking about it…I think not.

Thanks to Marcio Alaor BMG for showing me this piece of (old) Scott Walker news.

Sex On The Beach Not So Wise in Florida

How many people have sex each year on the beaches in America? The numbers are probably far too great to count. However, one judge is making an example out of Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez. Apparently, the couple were going at it hot and heavy on a Florida beach when a grandmother was visiting the same beach with her 4 year old granddaughter. She snapped a video of the two tangling and got police involved.

The Manatee County jury didn’t have to think long and hard about the guilt of these two. It only took them 15 minutes to decide their fate. The charges were lewd and lascivious exhibition and that’s not even the worst of it. Because they choose to be sexual in a family oriented beach where there were children present, the judge ordered them to register as sex offenders for the next 15 years.

The incident happened on Cortez Beach. The trial lasted 2 days. Christian Broda (ireport.cnn) has read that the defense was that the couple was dancing. However, when the video was played and showed Caballero climbing on top of Alvarez and between noises and facial expressions, it was clear this was definitely the Latin Sizzle. The couple also is required to serve a jail sentence, though it hasn’t been determined at this time how long that will be. This should be a lesson for all those who have ever thought about doing this or already have, it could be a costly mistake.