The Fight For Human Rights

An activist is someone who is passionate about their cause. It is very likely that they have a personal connection to the cause they are fighting so hard for. This is especially true for Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist and has been fighting for this cause his entire adult life.

Thor was born and raised in Caracas, the largest city in Venezuela. While living there, Thor and his family were exposed to many evils related to human and civil rights. Thor’s father was a drug czar with the Venezuelan government. He exposed some government corruption during his time there. For exposing this corruption, Thor’s father was thrown in a Caracas prison where he was tortured often.

Thor’s mother was an activist. While at an anti- Hugo Chavez event, she was shot and wounded. This entire event was caught on a live television broadcast. Thor also has a cousin who was sent to prison for being a political activist.

As Thor grew up, he also became an activist and outspoken about what he was seeing. Thor does not believe in dictatorships and fights against dictators in power and all they are doing. Being as outspoken as he is, he has gotten into many squabbles for saying what he says. He has even spent some time in jail.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation or HRF. He landed his organization in 2005 and devoted his organization, and himself, to promoting human rights. He has been featured in many publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Thor has also been featured on major televisions networks such as Fox News and CNN.

From tragedy comes triumph. Thor Halvorssen is the prime example of that. Growing up he witnessed many human rights violations on his family. He has taken those experiences and now fights for human rights all over the globe. This fight is an uphill battle but he continues on

The rise of George Soros

George Soros is a very influential business personality based in New York. He is known for his financial proficiency, successful businesses, an investor, and a philanthropist. He is mostly known as an American though he was born in Hungary. He is of Jewish descent and is both a citizen of the United States and Hungary.

George Soros’ Early life and education
He was born to Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz in1930. His father, who at some point was a prisoner of war in Russia, was a professional lawyer on Biography. Besides being a lawyer, he also had a passion for Esperanto, a language he tried to teach his son. In fact, his love for Esperanto made him change the family name to Soros, which is the future tense of “will soar.” When Soros was growing up, there was the German Nazi war in Hungary and during his early teenage years, his father saw that it was too risky for them to live together as a family as they risked being killed. Therefore, Tividar decided that it was best they separated. Soros went away with his father while his two brothers went with their mother. George Soros experienced the Battle of Budapest in 1945 but survived. In 1947, he migrated to England where he changed his names from Gyorgy Swartz to George Soros.

George Soros joined the London School of Economics the same year he moved to England. He enrolled for a Bachelor of Science in philosophy and after finishing the undergraduate studies, he pursued a master’s degree on the same subject at While at the institute, he met a philosopher named Karl Popper, whose concepts have had a significant influence on Soros’s philanthropic activities.

Soros found it hard getting a decent job after graduating. He, therefore, settled for a job of a traveling salesman. He managed to get a job at Singer and Friedlander, which is a stock brokerage firm based in London. It is at Singer and Friedlander that he started his career in finance. He felt he was not earning enough money and decided to look for another job. He moved to New York and joined F.M. Mayer where he became an arbitrage trader for the company on the Wall Street. He specialized in trading European stocks on He left the firm in 1959. His financial prowess earned him a job at Wertheim & Co where he took the role of European Security Analyst. His work was noted, and this earned him the position of vice president at Arnhold and S Bleichroeder. He left the job in 1973 to start his hedge fund company, the Soros Fund Management.

George Soros’s most recognized success is the Soros Fund Management. Soon after its establishment, Soros Fund Management grew to become one of the most successful hedge funds in the world and had grown to over U.S. $1 billion in value by 1985. Besides, the Soros Fund Management, he has successfully set one of the biggest philanthropic institution in the world, the Open Society Foundations. It has series of foundations in over 100 countries.

EOS Lip Balm: Why Is It So Different?

EOS, or the Evolution of Smooth, is a radically different lip balm than the thousands of lip balms on the market. To explain why, it’s important to know why women wear lip balm. They either have very dry lips and need the moisture, like the feeling of the product on their lips or add some color with a tinted lip balm. When you first apply lip balm, your lips usually feel great. Unfortunately, most lip balms have petroleum as an ingredient. What’s so bad about that, you ask? Petroleum lubricates the lips with oil and softens the lips at first. However, it then absorbs the natural oils present, so you have to continually apply the product.

EOS lip balm is different, because it does not contain petroleum. It’s filled with essential oils and beeswax, which works to replace the moisture, instead of absorbing it. Therefore, you’ll get long term results.

Lip balms can be found Racked in drugstores everywhere, and it seems like every beauty company has their own version. The founders of EOS, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, wanted to create a lip balm that stood apart from the rest. Using their own capital, they began by realizing the reasons why women use it, and then, had to figure out how to make it different.

What they found was that women enjoy the sensory experience in the application of lip balms, so they focused on all five senses, including the look and packaging of the product. The results of their hard work became widely accepted to the point where they have become an industry leader, and was featured on Fast Company. EOS Lip Balm currently dominates the lip balm retail market and are now reaping the rewards of their tremendous success.


Brian Bonar: A Man With Diverse Business Endeavors

Brian Bonar has certainly not limited himself to any one industry when its come to building businesses. He’s been a master technician with computers in the IT world, and as a financier he has experience with major investments and making large business acquisitions.

He is the CEO of an employee benefits outsourcing company, The Dalrada Financial Corporation and has started many subsidiary businesses under them. He’s also run several printing and copying service companies and recently has taken up investing in restaurants. Bonar began his business career all the way back in the 1970s.

Brian Bonar is originally from the UK, and he went to Strathclyde University in Glasgow where he got his bachelor’s degree in finance and economics. He later completed his MBA at Staffordshire University. He became an executive first at IBM UK Limited, one of the largest IT companies and he served in various positions there from consulting to managing and even helped launch new company offices.

Later he relocated to the US and worked as Director of Engineering for QMS Group, an SAP consulting firm. He also worked for several printing and copying companies including Rastek Corporation, Adaptec Inc., and Bezier Systems. In 1994 he joined The Dalrada Financial Corporation and started building their packages.

While CEO of The Dalrada Financial Corporation, he started building professional employer organization (PEO) companies including Smart-Tek Automated Services and Trucept, Inc. A professional employer organization takes on a lot of heavy lifting for small to mid-sized businesses who need a cost-saving solution for human resources and accounting.

PEOs usually recruit and hire employees for their client company, and even become the employer of record on an employee’s tax forms. They also oversee employee benefits such as insurance and paid vacations. The client company still manages employee day to day duties and can choose to retain or let them go. Smart-Tek provides an automated tracking system for the payroll system.

Brian Bonar has taken an interest in the restaurant and food services industry in recent years, and he’s begun buying and investing in local San Diego cuisines.

He’s also started seeking out talented chefs to manage his restaurants, including an award-winning Master Chef of France Patrick Ponsaty who he hired to run an exotic bistro at Bellamy’s Restaurant in downtown Escondido. Bonar has also purchased the property of the Ranch at Bandy Canyon which he is turning into a major tourist attraction complete with special catering.

Company Expands Into L.A.

Status Labs is starting to make its expansion into the west coast. It is opening up a location in Los Angeles. This is one of the major cities in the world. With big cities come a lot of big companies. Therefore, a lot of people are going to have a need for reputation management services. Status Labs has seen a huge increase in demand for such services. Therefore, there have been plans to better serve the people in the west coast. This has resulted in them putting up a physical location in Los Angeles. People will have a better time of experiencing the services they provide.

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that deals with clients that have found themselves faced with a crisis on their online reputation. Among the things they do is look at the search results of the clients and then look at methods they could use to remove any bad news from the front page of the search results. Status Labs is one of the most prominent online reputation companies in the industry. For one thing, they come up with some really great strategies and involve the client in his own campaign to get his life back on track.

Status Labs also helps and even encourages people who already have a good reputation or are just getting ready to start their business. One thing that they suggest to people is that they think about their online reputation first before they even get started on their business. One thing that people want to do is not only be well liked, but also present a certain image to people that is good, yet at the same time true to who they are as a person. This makes it easier to stay in good standing with loyal followers.

Status Labs deals with plenty of different platforms when it comes to online reputation management. One of the most important platforms to an individual’s reputation is social media. There are a lot of social media platforms that people can use in order to build their brand. Wise use of this type of platform makes it really easy for people to build a good reputation.

Josh Verne: A Great Entrepreneur Sharing Pearls of Wisdom

In August 2016, Josh Verne, an entrepreneur and the CEO of, had a podcast interview with This site having wealth of information in making the best out of life spent a portion of Verne’s time to take in some of his pearls of wisdom. He shared his views about what life has taught him on having balance in all areas of his life which includes personally, professionally, in leadership, and in business relations. His great key points mentioned throughout the podcast include the following:


  1. Being a leader and not a boss– a boss uses his title to accomplish his goals, does what’s in his best interests, and demands respect. A leader earns respect by putting others before him and uses respect for the accomplishment of goals that his team and he set together.


  1. Everything needing to be a win-win- a win for you, clients, employees, and society.


  1. Listen more and speak less– having one mouth and two ears are there for a reason which are to utilized them in that proportion.


  1. Balance in life is needed– it’s a balancing act which means the same amount of time shouldn’t be focused in every area of life.


  1. Figuring out your passion– you will be successful when finding your passion. If you don’t, your life will be the same uninspiring and boring drudgery mess.


About Josh Verne


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Josh Verne is an entrepreneur and CEO of, He has over 20 years of experience in starting, leading, and growing multichannel businesses. FlockU is a peer to peer mobile exchange for college students. It consists of opinions, explainers, and viral content on everything from exams to sports/sex.


Josh also previously founded in which he sold. This site is an employee voluntary benefit which enables individuals to make purchases with flexible ability in making automatic payments over time.


Before that, he was the president of Home Line Furniture from June 1995 to 2011. It’s based in Philadelphia, PA, and it’s works hard in being the most reliable home furnishings supplier in the industry. This company has been in business for over 40 years, and it has evolved into a wholesale distributor and an international furniture source catering to retailers throughout the US.

Fabletics Thrives On Positive Reviews

The Fabletics brand was started by Kate Hudson as a response to the casual clothing culture she saw around America, and he wants women to enjoy their clothes more through her brand. Casual clothing takes women to the gym, helps them run errands and creates a style that everyone will recognize. This article explains how a woman will find her true style at Fabletics, how the company markets itself and how it will expand.


#1: How Does Fabletics Market Itself?


There are quite a few positive reviews from Trust Pilot that show why the company is so well-liked, and the reviews speak of a company that is kind to its customers in every way. Fabletics sends clothing to women in subscription boxes that make them feel lovely, and the service provides a new look every month that is exciting to look at.


#2: How Is The Company Reviewed?


Fabletics has been reviewed quite well by its customers, and the company provides service that is unlike any other. There are quite a few women who come to Fabletics hoping to look casual and comfortable, and they find in the reviews that the company works quite hard at a casual style any woman will love. Kate Hudson has been seen in her own clothes from Fabletics, and she believes every woman will feel lovely in these casual clothes.


#3: The Clothes Are Reliable


Fabletics clothing is quite reliable, and every woman who wishes to wear her gym clothes every day for every occasion will quite enjoy slipping into the clothes. She will find herself looking and feeling lovely, and they will appreciate that Fabletics sends out clothing that a woman will love and enjoy. They create outfits that are made for women who lead an active lifestyle, and a woman who wishes to create a better style for herself will find it with Fabletics.


#4: The Finest Clothing Stores


Fabletics plans to expand to stores around North America that will help them look their best. It is quite a lot of fun for women to find new clothes in the store that will complement their current style, and the store will come to over 100 locations around North America. The customer service will simply improve as women enter the store.


It is quite interesting for a woman to shop with Fabletics in a search for casual clothes. The finest athleisure garments come from Kate Hudson’s brand through the mail or a new store.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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DEVCO Construction Firm Entangled In A $20 million Unpaid CRDA Loan

New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) is a New Jersey based development company founded in the 1970s. The firm serves as a catalyst to the revitalization program of the city and has been recognized as the “powerful engine for economic growth” by the New York Times. Devco has spearheaded the city’s development agenda by executing numerous landmark projects.

DEVCO is known for its track record in creating strategic alliances, innovative project financing, and building strong private-public partnerships. Since its inception, the firm has built about $1.6 billion worth of investment in New Brunswick. DEVCOs uncommon approach to redevelopment has seen the city execute robust redevelopment projects even in tough economic times.

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority Struggles to settle CRDA loan

In an article published on the press of Atlantic City, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority failed to service a $1 million as principal and interest from a $20 million loan acquired from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA).

The Authority has accumulated over five years in arrears with over $ 7 million in mispayments. The loan was solicited in 2005 to bankroll the construction of the Heldrich, a hotel and conference facility in New Brunswick. The project was executed by DEVCO.

The New Brunswick firm is a sister company to the Atlantic City Development Corp which is expected to oversee over $200 million in private and public financing. This includes a $19.5 million from CRDA aimed at developing the Gateway project in Chelsea section of the city.

Both corporations are represented by attorney Christopher Paladino, through whom the $20 million Heldrich loan was acquired. Paladino insists that the CRDA will be paid in full, but it may take a few more years to clear.

Heldrich Struggling to Attract Guests

The 235-rooms capacity Heldrich hotel has taken longer than anticipated to attract guests. The hotel opened its doors in 2007 when the economic downturn cropped in affecting various real estate investments. The occupancy rate was still at 63.5% by last year. The corporation at some point had to put in about $776,000 from its own funds to meet basic capital expenses like replacing carpets and mattresses. That is how much the hotel is cash-strapped!







Don Ressler Drives JustFab to Millions in Net Worth

Don Ressler is the co-founder and a co-executive officer of Intelligent Beauty Inc. He also served as the President of, Inc. At Intermix Media, he was in charge of spearheading the company’s core ventures. Ressler was also responsible for enhancing the company’s shareholder value. Besides this company, Don Ressler was also the co-founder of Brand Ideas and Alena Media. At Alena Media, he was responsible for the introduction of a new skin care brand called Hydroderm. Later, after realizing that companies were looking to take advantage of the growing Internet space, Don Ressler started a consultation firm to help them achieve their goals. The advisory business has generated over 1 billion dollars in sales. It has also raised over 100 million dollars for internet companies. In the year 2005, Intermix Media, the mother company of was acquired by News Corp for more than 650 million dollars.

JustFab Inc. is a fashion retailer that has specialized with women products. It is an online platform and has majored with ladies shoes, handbags, jewelry and denim. The company offers a customized shopping experience based on the customers’ preferences. In the year 2010, Don Ressler merged his expertise with that of his friend, Adam Goldenberg to start this company. Under the management of these two friends, the company received 33 million in funding from US Venture Capital firm Matrix Partners. In 2012, it received an additional 76 million which was used for its expansion. Initially, the development began in Canada then to Germany and finally to the United Kingdom.

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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon
New sizes for JusFab

In January 2013, JustFab acquired a Fashion Subscription company for children called FabKids. The similarities in their names, however, has no previous similarities or foundation. In 2013, the company continued its expansion into Spain and France. In May, it acquired Fab Shoes. In July 2013, Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson and DonRessler formed an online athletic wear and called it Fabletics. This company penetrated the market and became the fastest growing label by 2015. Today, the company has six brick and mortar locations and has plans to open over 75 more locations in the future.

JustFab guaranteed the member access to a fashion of their choice, per month, for a subscription fee of 39.95 dollars. Maintaining the client’s needs required the members to fill out a survey of their fashion preferences. Later, at the start of the month, a personal stylist selects items based on the review. By the beginning of 2013, the company had over 10 million members.

The Quincy Hopes to Turn Fortunes Around for New Brunswick

The Quincy New Brunswick is an apartment complex that sits less than 1000 feet from the Raritan River. Located in New Jersey, it lies a short distance from both Jersey City and New York City. The complex is set to open early next year and is a part of renovations done to the overall area in an effort to draw in a new demographic of residents who don’t mind paying a premium price base. It is also located near several public transportation stops and hopes that appeal can draw in residents as well.


As previously stated, the area is going through renovations as it has dealt with its fair share of crime in the previous years. Just last year, there was a shooting in a neighborhood nearby. In addition to crimes occurring in this area, the adjacent areas have also been victims of crimes such as a pizza robbery occurring in 2013.


On October 7th, 2015, three or four shots were fired in a nearby neighborhood which left one person injured. The victim suffered a non-life threatening wound and was privately transported to a nearby hospital. Officers were also dispatched to the area the next day to pick up additional bullet casings.


In May 2013 an area across town was also the setting for a crime which was connected to a pizza delivery. A delivery person was robbed after being sent to Quincy Circle to deliver the pizza. He was able to escape unharmed and a suspect was caught from that instance.


These types of misfortunes have preceded the City New Brunswick and will be something the new complex of The Quincy will need to overcome in order to draw in tenants. The apartment complex is ready to shed a new and positive light on the area in hopes of turning around the city’s shortcomings. The Quincy hopes to draw in residents with the promise of many amenities as well as a new sense of community. Only time will tell how much success they can attain.