Clay Siegall Writes on the Devastating Effect of Climate Change for Coffee Farmers in Uganda

A look, taste and aroma of the coffee grown in Uganda leave a desire to know how the place looks like. The truth behind that coffee is that the aroma masks away the hardships brought about by the devastating effect of climate change. Today, changes in the environment have contributed to a sharp decline in the productivity of the cash crop. Rising temperatures exposes the coffee beans to pest and diseases. In Uganda, most of the coffee produced comes from small-scale farmers who have little or no access to irrigation water and modern farming conveniences. A fifth of the country’s population depends on the crop for income as it’s among the most valuable industry in the country. According to an economic analysis conducted by the Ugandan government, changes in the climate will reduce the countries production by half by the year 2050.

The country’s production is minimal compared to the world’s overall production. Therefore, a change in its production will have little or no effect on the prices. However, the reality is that people in Uganda will suffer a major setback in revenue generation. Photos taken are just but a window showing the devastating effects that climate change causes for the people of Uganda. Farmers depending on the crop to put food on the table and pay fees for their children are between a rock and a hard place. Therefore, advocating for measures to mitigate climate change is important as millions of lives depend on it.

Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics with the aim of finding methods of suppressing cancer. It was at such a time when treating cancer patients involved subjecting them to chemotherapies. The methods didn’t differentiate between cancer cells and healthy living cells, and eventually, they left the immune system worn out and prone to other diseases. Clay Siegall sought to bring new methods of cancer treatment and improve the lives of people living with cancer. Therefore, he set out to develop therapies that satisfied a lot of unmet needs in the cancer treatment.

Clay spearheads all research activities in Seattle Genetics. He has led the company to its global position. Under his leadership, the organization has developed ADCs for the treatment of cancer and secured more than $ 1.2 billion in funding.


Occurrences That Led to Formation of Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

In the year 2008, the Selective Enforcement Unit from Maricopa County handcuffed and detained Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. This arrest came as a directive from Sheriff Joe Arpaio because he was displeased by the racial profiling news published by the two media executives.

Lacey and Larkin were forcefully removed from their home at Phoenix and then taken into SUVs with tinted windows and Mexican number plates. Later they were detained in two separate jails that were under the control of Arpaio. Arpaio considers himself to be the toughest sheriff in America and this made him instigate the arrest of Lacey and Larkin for exposing his misdeeds through Phoenix New Times.

The specific news that triggered this arrest were reports about Arpaio participating in the promotion of anti-Mexican fear-mongering and political pomposity in Arizona. Most mainstream newspapers dismissed Arpaio’s characters continuously but Phoenix New Times exposed all the financial indiscretions and widespread mismanagement contained in his office.

They also reported on power abuse against any criticism towards him, inferior health conditions in jails, exploitation, and demise of prisoners, racial profiling and unjustifiable detention of Latinos.

Apparently, Lacey and Larkin were allegedly detained for capturing a cover story revealing how the allies of Arpaio at Maricopa County Attorney’s office issued an outstanding order seeking information about the newspaper. He claimed that instead of the newspaper responding accordingly to the order issued the two executives opted to write about it.

Mike Lacey said that when other inmates asked him of the reason why he was arrested he simply said it was because of writing. A loud public outcry leads to the release of Lacey and Larkin within 24 hours of their arrest and all the charges against them were dropped. And since it was proven that the two were illegally confined, the appellate court ruled that Maricopa County should pay Lacey and Larkin a settlement amount of $3.7 million.

Lacey and Larkin then decided to dedicate the settlement money from this case towards Frontera Fund, an initiative aimed at protecting human rights. Larkin said that he grew up in Arizona and was taught how to give a helping hand to less the fortunate in the society.

He added that he respects the Mexican immigrants for their bravery and incredible peril in the desert through which they migrated to Arizona just to work and be better persons in the society.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Frontera Fund is a unique initiative created by two media executives, Michael and Jim with an intention to benefit the Hispanic community by fighting for their rights. Most people in this community have been subjected to extreme racial hostility and other civil rights abuses across Arizona for a long time.

When Lacey and Larkin realized that even politicians actions are not different from Arpaio’s especially in political posturing, they began distributing the Frontera Fund money to organizations that advocate for the rights and causes of the Hispanic community. Arpaio demonized and confined Mexican migrants and other people with no justifiable reasons and Lacey says that he and his counterpart Larkin will continue to support the migrants for a better Arizona.

Cassio Audi: Multitalented Executive Fine Tuned for Corporate Success

In 2016, Cassio Audi displayed a rare talent that can be traced to over decades before: his excellent drumming skills. During the live performance, he joined members of the pop and rock band, Viper. However, this was not the first time he was performing with the band. Between 1985 and 1989, Cassio Audi performed with the band as a drummer where he played a key role in the release of three tracks including ‘All My Life’, ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ and ‘Theatre of Fate’. He played an integral role in the performance, writing and arrangement of the tracks.

The musical career highlights Casio Audi’s professional versatility. It also highlighted his multitalented nature. In addition to being fluent in Spanish and English, Cassio Audi has excellent project planning, cross-functional team leadership and strategic planning skills. He is also skilled in strategic financial planning, due diligence and change management. He is also good with company restructuring, valuation and business planning as well as startups development and management. His skills are enhanced by his hands-on and open leadership style.

Academic and Career Background

The numerous skills Cassio Audi is renowned for have been built over a long career, which has seen him work for several companies including startups especially in Brazil. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1994 at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. He furthered his education at the Universidade de São Paulo with a Master of Business Administration. He graduated from the university in 2000 with specialization in finance. His over two decades of professional experience began at JP Morgan Chase in 1992 where he worked as a trader. After four years with the company, Cassio Audi rose through the corporate sector while establishing a name for himself as a suave financial manager and company executive. He has worked for companies such as Dow Chemical where he worked as a senior financial analyst, Gillet, Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc. and Rossi Residential among others.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: A Prominent Leader who Leads by Example

Law is one of the commonest professions in Brazil, in fact, many kids dream to be lawyers when they grow up. There are many outstanding attorneys in the country for the kids can look up to, but the list won’t be complete without mentioning the prominent, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Brazilian lawyers are involved in reforming the country’s laws and helping shape the economy of the nation. Law is also among the top most paid profession and hence the great admiration by the community.

What are the Responsibilities of Lawyers in Brazil?

There are over 650, 000 registered lawyers in Brazil. This is not a huge number considering the different areas of specialization in the field. Among these areas include criminal law, bankruptcy law, divorce law, estate planning, personal injury, business, and employment law among other areas. If you have a case related to either of these areas, you need the help of a qualified attorney such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Who is Ricardo Tosto?

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a passionate lawyer who deals with law and human rights. He has invested his time in studying human rights and works as an encouragement to others to do so. Ricardo is trustworthy in handling all cases brought to him, and this has seen many clients looking for his services when it comes to legal matters. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho devotion and diligence has seen him rise the success ladder from lowly lawyer to one of the most sort after lawyers in the country.

Ricardo’s Education and Qualifications

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho holds a law degree from the Presbyterian Mackenzie University and another in Business Administration from FAAP. He started off his career working in a small office where he defended various personalities and companies, resulting in his name being one of the most recognized. Ricardo later moved his law business among the largest firms in Brazil. He has lots of respect to those who start low and rise their way up since that is what he did. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the pioneer adopters of new legal concepts in Brazil.

Beneful: The Brand That Puppies of All Breeds Love

Beneful offers premium options in both wet and dry dog food. They have been one of the leading dog food companies since their inception in 2001.

Beneful places a focus on providing healthy options for your furry loved one without sacrificing on taste. This is a high quality brand that your dog or puppy is guaranteed to love.

They have foods designed for all breed types. You will find a variety of pellet sizes on the Beneful site to accommodate the breed of your dog. Click here to know more.

Their brand is especially popular with puppies. Their puppy blends are some of the most bought in the industry.

Their most popular foods include their stew and beef flavors. Dogs just love the unique blend of flavors that they use in their wet and dry foods.

Beneful has a great price point based on the high quality they offer. To make this an even better deal, you can find online coupon codes that you can use to save even more on your purchase when buying directly from their online store. You can find coupon codes posted on their Facebook page or through most popular online coupon sites.

Sawyer Howitt’s Business and Racquetball Input

Going into professional racquetball is a little like going into entrepreneurship because unlike several other sports that require the input of team, racquetball is a sport that depends on your own individual accomplishment. While racquetball may not have the millions of dollars that sports such as football and basketball have, there is still a great annual salary to earn of around $300,000 as ranked by ESPN. Racquetball professionals usually thrive when taking up the sport at a young age, but even if you’re a newcomer you might be able to make it as a pro by following the advice of Sawyer Howitt, an aspiring professional player and entrepreneur. Howitt has played in high school national championship series and is looking to make the Olympics.

Sawyer Howitt on Twitter.

In order to make the professional game, Howitt says players need to know if they want to play professionally for the salary or for personal fulfillment. Knowing that can help them decide what plan to pursue to reach their goal, but once players have that plan they need to have a routine and training course to help them become focused. But the most important piece to the professional puzzle is choosing a coach that can have the player prepped for game time and on course for a professional career.

Sawyer Howitt is a very self-driven individual who has made time for both racquetball and business. He’s currently a project manager at his father David Howitt’s company the Meriweather Group, a company based in Portland Oregon where he is putting his entrepreneurial skills to work. He practices racquetball in his spare time and has taken part in several tournaments including the 2015 Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships. If Sawyer Howitt leaves professional racquetball’s salary, he has an aspiring up and coming business career to fall back on.


Get your Peace of Mind from Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is the current Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, which is a global multinational insurance company whose headquarters are in France. Parascandola has a bachelor in science degree attained from Pace University in New York. Parascandola has 25 years of work experience in the financial advisory business field he is also good at retirement planning, asset management, estate planning and life insurance strategies.

As someone who is determined towards excellence Vinny Parascandola has earned different awards such as GAMA Career Development and Master Agency Award as a result of his work and management skills. As a Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, he is in charge of recruiting and retention of individuals in the firm, sales, productivity, and management. He is linked to the growth and development of more than 225 financial professionals in the Central New Jersey.

Vincent Parascandola is also a broker-dealer who is responsible for over 5350 registered representatives across the nation for 17 years, Parascandola has held an industry securities registration. On AXA insurance company, it was founded in 1859 by Henry Hyde who left mutual insurance company to start his firm known as Equitable Life Assurance Society of America.

However, the company has been changing brand names until June 2006 when the company reverted its name from AXA-UAP to AXA which has been maintained to date. The company’s primary objective is to provide financial security to clients and their families. The company has been able to successfully obtain other firms such as the largest Swiss insurance businesses and Winterthur Group from Credit Suisse for a price of not more than 9 billion euros.

Vincent Parascandola as any other person who believes in the work of his hands. He, therefore, uses the social media such as Facebook as a means to advertise his work and reach out to his clients. Since he is based in Newyork his physical address is 1290 Ave Of The Americas Divisional Office-New York, NY 10104. However, With no doubt, Vincent Parascandola as captain of advisors at AXA, one can be offered and assisted in creating strategies that help and give and individual a peace of mind on how to go about financial security.



Thor Halvorssen is not your average activist. The thirty nine year old is the president of New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF) which he launched about ten years ago. Born and raised in Caracas he speaks fluent American English without any accent and has a rich ancestry consisting of royalty. He has a lot of experience in this line of work and has been through turmoil in the fight against criminal activities. For instance, his father exposed government corruption while working as Venzuela’s drug czar and in turn he was tortured in Caracas prison. His mother similarly got shot in an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration.

Thor Halvorssen however, does not let the past affect his doings neither does he let bitterness cloud his judgement. In fact, he says he is a lover of people. Those whose his affection he gives the most are dissidents and defectors and those who don’t just sit there while authoritarians break laws. He had Vaclav Havel serve as HRF’s chair until his demise in 2011. He then replaced him with Garry Kasparov, a Russian chess grandmaster and one of Vladimir Putin biggest and well-known critics. Kasparov had been through a lot as well to the extent that he was literally punched by a Russian police officer during a protest against the guilty verdict and two-year sentence of Pussy Riot for the crime of singing anti-Putin song.

Thor has also seen the back of whip for a cause. Six years ago, he and his camera man traveled to Ho Chi Min City to interview ThichQuang Do, a man who was the patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam and who had spent 28 years under house arrest. However, Vietnamese authorities would not let them have it easy and before he could leave he was arrested and detained. His cameraman got lucky and snuck out a side door with the video card hidden inside his body precisely, in his rectum. Click here to watch video.

HRF determination to cover various corners of the world and expose dictatorial regimes is relentless and is willing to provide support and listening ear to dissidents and political prisoners in any country. They might be smaller than other blue-chip human rights organizations but their concern for the oppressed in various countries and their lack of fear to bring to light injustices done to victims make them equals.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel the remarkable Apnea sleep expert

Dr. Avi Weisfogel who owns the Dental Sleep Master Seminar Instructor based in New Jersey has a comprehensive background in the treatment of sleep disorders and sleep treatments. He created his practice known as the Old Bridge Dental Care in the year 1999 and ran the office for over 15 years which earned him praises from the community as well as the title of Best Dentist for numerous years. During this period, Avi Weisfogel started to study the world of sleep and learned about the ways physicians and dentists can assist patients who battle with sleep disorders. He established the Healthy Heart sleep in the year 2010. This was a company that worked alongside physicians all over the world and gave them advice on the management and creation of sleep labs.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel created Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and started teaching dentists about the ways to serve and enhance sleep patients. He created the Dental Sleep Masters to additionally aid dentists get into the world of sleep through the utilization of oral appliances in the treatment of sleep disorders. Dr. Avi Weisfogel had a BA degree in biology which he attained from Rutgers University and attained his DDS from the College of Dentistry at the New York University.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel utilizes his detailed understanding of sleep apnea to aid patients and dentists in the identification of patients who they feel may be suffering from sleep apnea and suggesting to them to convince these patients to attain treatment.

Recently, Dental Sleep Masters announced a new model which is supposed to aid secondary and primary care physicians, as well as sleep physicians with the proper certification and their research which will lead to more enhanced care for patients. In this model, dentists can provide their patients battling with sleep apnea clinical support. The more this disorder is getting understood, the more enhanced treatment would be in the years to come. Devices are being newly created that will enhance the treatment of this disorder which is debilitating. For example, the Food and Drug Administration approved THN Sleep Therapy which is a recently released device will soon start clinical trials.

Alexandre Gama Returns To Creative Pursuits

The Brazilian advertising creative Alexandre Gama has recently made the decision to return to his creative passions after spending much of the 21st century as the Global Chief Creative Officer of the advertising giant BBH. Gama is well known around the world for the length and breadth of his advertising career, which has taken him to New York, London, and his own native Rio de Janeiro.

At the start of 2016, Alexandre Gama made the bold decision to return to the creative side of both his own life and the work he continues to complete with his own Neogama advertising company; as the most decorated advertising creative in the history of the Brazilian creative industry Alexandre Gama will no doubt give the industry as a whole a major boost in the coming years.

Along with the return Alexandre Gama is making to advertising this creative individual is also hoping to spend more time exploring the other aspects of his life, including the guitar based Violab based company. Violab allows Alexandre Gama to explore his own interests in the guitar and help teach young people the skills of playing with a passion he feels has largely been lost in the 21st century.