Bush Shows More Personal Side as He Campaigns in New Hampshire

Jeb Bush, the GOP establishment’s presumptive nominee, is in New Hampshire this week mixing in the locals in a bid to rally the party’s base behind his looming candidacy. For this particular event, Bush met with local party members at the Snowshoe Club in Concord. Bush is an introvert and as such may come across as stoic or aloof. It is not as easy for him to reach out to people as it is for his older more extroverted brother George W. Bush. Still, if Jeb is going to win the party’s nomination and the presidency, he will need to secure the conservative base.

At the event, Bush ate a slice of pie along with the audience as he explained his positions on the key issues. At one point, TopLawyers says that Charles Pewiit, a local, embarked on a two-minute monologue detailing his opposition to Bush’s immigration stance. At the end, Bush noted the issues they both agreed upon and chalked up the immigration issue to a point they will remain “neutral”. That seems to be the former Florida governor’s approach to the issues where he takes a different stand than conservatives. While it is a tactful way to move past the contentious issues of amnesty and Common Core, it is unlikely to sway the conservative base. This is because other candidates such as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul have views more favorable to conservatives.

Changing the Face of Money

There has been a question as to whether the face on the $20 bill should be changed. Why in the world does this matter? It’s a face on a piece of paper that is sent from one store to another, from one person to another as people spend the money on a daily basis. Most people probably don’t even pay attention to what the $20 bill looks like. One Senator wants to change the look of the bill so that there is a woman’s face on the front. Wikipedia said this might be a way to show some kind of equality between men and women, but it’s really nothing more than just a way to get things changed a little instead of keeping men at the front of the stage. There are a few women who are in the running for being on the bill, including Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Obama May be Fighting a Losing Battle for Support on His Iran Framework

President Obama is finding there a limits to his eloquence and penchant for sophistry at least in regards to his Iran Framework. The president views the deal as the landmark of his foreign policy which is based on directly reaching out to the nation’s enemies and making substantial concessions to them. However, his deal with Iran has struck a raw nerve with people concerned about Israel’s national security. Igor Cornelsen (Ireport.com) knows that, over the past decade, Israel has been struck by tens of thousands of rockets fired indiscriminately at civilian targets in cities and towns throughout Northern and Central Israel. The rockets were mainly fired by Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed terrorist organization. So it should come as no surprise that when he reached a deal with Iran, which by his own words will enable them to obtain nuclear weapons shorter after the deal expires in 10-13 years, pro-Israeli groups would raise their deep misgivings over the deal.

Thus far, the president has eschewed any contact with pro-Israel groups that are on the political right. However, the opposition to his framework deal has become bipartisan. This week, he was compelled to meet with pro-Israel liberal groups to assure them Israel’s national security will be preserved. In fact, the Jewish American communities are voicing their concerns over this plan. However, Senator Chuck Schumer, who will likely replace Harry Reid as the Senate Minority Leader in 2017, has cast his support for the bill to require congressional approval of the framework deal and any lifting of sanctions on Iran. Schumer represents a powerful block of the Jewish American community. His support of the bill is a clear indication of the opposition the president faces with his Iran deal.

Ukraine: Separatists Say They Have Removed Their Weapons From The Front

The pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine said on Saturday that they had removed the weapons from the frontline as per peace agreements, a difficult process to control for international observers whose number should be double, according to Kiev Authorities. This is a big move in the eyes of Ray Lane and others. It is worth mentioning that the removal of weapons supposed to create a buffer zone of 50 to 140 km depending on the type of equipment is one of the key elements of the Minsk agreements signed on February 12 with the mediation of French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The rebels have shown on Saturday at the press what they described as “the last step” of withdrawal from Snizhne 90 km from their stronghold, Donetsk. “The withdrawal of armaments is 100% complete,” said Denis Pushilin, a separatist. However, six observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe on site made no comment. It is noteworthy that on Saturday morning, eight 120mm mortars were taken in an old brick factory serving as a military warehouse near Snizhne; the warehouse already contained four other heavy artilleries. When questioned by AFP to Ukrainian military spokesman Andrii Lysenko about the claims of separatists, he replied, “I have no information about the rebels’ withdrawal.”

Obamacare – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Affordable Care Act has provided health insurance to millions of people at a significantly lower price than expected.

Both critics and independent analysts assumed spending on national health would increase quickly.

Just after passage in 2010, government officials predicted health spending from 2014 through 2019 to be 23.6 trillion dollars. Now that actual figures are starting to come in, spending projections have been reduced by 2.6 trillion dollars to 21 trillion. As a result, there is a strong probability that 2.6 trillion dollars is available to spend elsewhere.

Part of the reason for the lower costs is the scaling back of government payments to hospitals and insurers, payments that have been called corporate welfare via Medicare by a number of qualified experts.

Another contributing factor is improved preparation for discharge of hospital patients and better follow-up which keeps people from having to return for readmission.

It’s going to take a long time for Obamacare benefits to show an improvement to the economy according to what Bruce Karatz has been reading. For now, people are suffering needlessly less frequently.

Yemen Militia Violently Dispersed Thousands Of Protesters

Houthi Shiite militiamen fiercely dispersed thousands of demonstrators in Yemini Capital Sanaa on Wednesday expressing their support for President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who fled to Aden (south) a few days ago. The protesters marched through the center of the capital, chanting “The Houthis must out” before Shiite militiamen shoot in the air and attacked them with sticks. Folks at STX Entertainment (stxentertainment.com) have learned that, according to local media reports, two protesters were severely injured during this protest march. “Yes to the legitimate constitutional authority” of Mr. Hadi and “no to the coup,” shouted the protesters gathered at the call of youth groups and the Movement for the refusal, recently formed to challenge the authority of Houthi Militia.

It is worth mentioning that the Houthis have left their stronghold of Saada (in North Yemen) last summer and gradually advanced towards Sanaa where they entered in last September. They strengthened their grip on the capital in late January, seizing the presidential palace, pushing President and Prime Minister to resign. However, Hadi, considered by the international community as the “legitimate president” of Yemen, has finally managed to escape at the end of February in Aden, where he withdrew his resignation and challenged the authority of the Houthis.

Igor Cornelsen and Stock Market Investing

Igor Cornelsen is a smart businessman, the CEO of Bainbridge Investments Inc. He invests in multiple business enterprises, is among the best investment advisors in the world proving this with his unique and innovative investment strategies. He gives meaning to the art and strategies based on sensible bids tied to long term investments, specifically in the stock market. Persistence has brought him to achieve so much returns on the investments he makes, and also the advices he gives during consultations.

His strategies are to be emulated by every player expecting to be successful in the investment market. He commits to Stock trading with a holistic approach rather than the common mindset of entry-level investors. Entry-level investors commit their wealth to few or single enterprises rather than split the wealth and investing in multiple enterprises dealing diverse commodities; this often minimizes their chances of obtaining the most out of their invested money as they are exposed to more risk.
With an experience of more than ten years managing investments, it is clear that Cornelsen’s aim is to make profits for a long period of time. He advises investors to focus on passive investing just like similar players in this field. The legendary stock pickers like passive investment approach, bidding on multiple low-cost shares because they believe the long-term results from the approach will be superior to those attained by typical investors.
In order to succeed by gaining the best return on investment, it is vivid that the commitment to long term approach advised by Cornelsen and investors with similar mindset has brought them the best and legitimate results, while other investors with a contrary mindset may have fluctuating return on their investment.

Not only is the stock market dealing a skill but also a career move as many other individuals of great intellect perceive. It isn’t a market whereby one anticipates so much in so short a time. This is a market that one should invest money intelligently, so as to get major return on investment down the line.

The best strategy, noted with Igor Cornelsen and the like-minded, is the need to be prepared to make multiple and relatively small investments, instead of single huge investments. It is more punishing when an investor who wants a big return commits to one particular stock. The smart move or strategy is making multiple investments in order to limit the losses that could be potentially taken. It ensures an improved chance of success with some of the multiple investments.

The key, as advised by the Brazilian Investor is to always be prepared to play the long term strategy. By observing companies that have been consistently productive, a history of constant returns will be the best way to ascertain where to commit wealth, regardless of the status of all the enterprises in the market or region under scrutiny.

Republican Males Attempt to Dictate Female Health

Last week, six Republican legislators in North Carolina decided yet again to attempt to dictate what women can and cannot do with their own bodies by introducing a new bill that would prevent students in the state from learning about certain contraceptives and Plan B. House Bill 596 would promote lessons in which students learn more about sexually transmitted diseases and why abstinence is the best method for preventing unwanted pregnancies. The supporters of the bill claim that certain contraceptives could be used to coerce teen girls into unwanted sexual activity and that teen girls might be forced or coerced into taking contraceptive drugs by male partners.

Of course, the Republicans and others who support the bill fail to realize that the only teenagers they should be worried about are their own sons and daughters. There are many residents of the state of North Carolina who pay taxes and expect to have the freedom to raise their children the way they see fit — even if that means giving their children access to certain pre-activity contraceptives or Plan B. A lot of teens are also self-aware and responsible enough to make the decision to choose to abstain or use a contraceptive or Plan B.

Many women throughout the United States and at Homejoy are angry this week that Republican legislators are once again trying to force their conservative values on those who do not share those values.

Secret Service Teaches the First Daughter How to Drive


One of the perks of being the daughter of the President of the United States is you do not have to take drivers education lessons in school. In the case of Malia Obama, she received the best driver’s education possible, from the United States Secret Service reported Kevin Seawright. The White House confirmed that Malia received her lessons from unnamed Secrect Service officers but it did not state if she passed her lessons or when and where she would be licensed. The children of the first family have been afforded considerable privacy as is the custom with members of the First family. However, every once in awhile small tidbits of the life of the First children seeps out for the public’s view. Malia Obama Gets Taught How to Drive By U.S. Secret Service

There is also a practical reason why the Secret Service would be best to teach Maila. The children of the First family need to be able to cooperate the Secret Service in cas of an emergency or crisis situation. The children also will need to be able to defend themselves and would surely be taught basic defensive driving techniques.

While Malia would surely not have to learn to drive through a road blocks, she would be taught what to do is certain circumstances to protect herselve and to maintain her safety. The White House has not announced if a new car is in Malia’s future.

White House’s efforts combine push for solar energy with veteran training

In what is been seeing as efforts to fight the global warming menace, president Obama has started an initiative in which returning servicemen and women are been trained in the manufacturing and installation of solar panels.

To highlight this new program, Obama paid a visit to an Air Force Base on Friday. He hopes that the skills acquired will be imparted in the growing sector of the economy. The program is only a part of an even larger goal of training people in the manufacturing of green technologies and creating jobs in the long run.

This latest development comes hot on the heels of a disappointing monthly Labor Department report. The report documents the slowing of the hiring process by businesses in the month of March. Bad weather was among the reasons cited by The White House, for the slowdown.

Obama reassured citizens that his administration will not relent in its pursuit of policies that favor job creation. This, he said, would make the country safer and the planet cleaner in the long run.

Igor Cornelsen has learned that this program at the Hill Air Force Base is not the only one. Similar efforts have been replicated at other nine military bases throughout the country.

To demonstrate his commitment to the fight, Obama has installed solar panels in the White House and also overseen a similar installment in the Energy Department. Obama’s administration’s goal is to train 75,000 solar workers within the next 5 years.