Commercial Real Estate to Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is the managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties. This company is known as one of the best private commercial real estate investment firms. In a recent interview, Mr. Milstein was asked a series of questions about his daily life and his involvement with Hagar Pacific Properties.


When asked where he got the idea for Hagar Pacific Properties, he explained that upon graduating he was offered jobs that did not fully value his life experiences and vast knowledge. He was less than impressed with what companies were offering to pay him. He put that disappointment to use and decided to go out on his own and he became a commercial real estate broker. After only three years, he took what he learned and became a real-estate investor. When Mr. Milstein first started out he didn’t know what his day-to-day life would look like. But, now that he has attained more assets his life has more structure and he is able to spend some of his time focusing on philanthropy.


Mr. Milstein believes that if you want something done, you have to push for it until the task is accomplished. If you want something done, the best way to ensure it gets done, is to do it yourself. One reason he is so successful is because he is consistent, persistent and he follows-up on his tasks daily. He mentions something that is good advice for everyone, he says that one way he was able to become successful was by not setting specific goals. He argues that when you set specific goals they limit what you are capable of, instead your priority should be to work hard and do your very best. Another good piece of advice he gives, is to be realistic with your plans, don’t expect to make it big in a short amount of time; these sorts of things don’t happen overnight.


In his spare time Adam Milstein does philanthropy work and is a strong community leader. He is originally from Isreal but migrated to the United States in 1981. After arriving in the U.S. he worked hard and received Master in Business degree from USC.


Mr. Milstein is involved with several organization outside of Hagar Pacific Properties. He is the co-founder and National Chairman for the Isreaeli-American Council, his responsibility with this organization is national expansion. He is also a board member with several organizations including: StandWithUs, Jewish Founders Network, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowship, Jewish Funders Network, and, among others, the AISH Los Angeles. He also makes it a priority to help teach Jewish values to Israeli-Jewish-American families in the United States.

The Big Strides that Securus has Made in Inmate Safety Standards

There was a time when fights and homicides in the correctional facilities had become an epidemic. This was made worse by the many successful jail breaks and the business deals which were being struck from within the correctional facilities and also with their clients on the outside. This was mainly happening because there was lack of the proper technological support mechanisms which could have helped track the activities of the inmates and thwart any negative events even before they happened.


Then, companies like Securus for into the scene and transformed everything about the process. When they started, they wanted to create technologies which would monitor record and report on different criminal activities and situations in the criminal justice system. With time, they realized their services were needed not only in the criminal justice system but also by private individuals.


Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the company expanded their operations beyond the correctional facilities and they have reaped a lot of benefits from it. Most of their clients are absolutely thrilled by the value of the service and the efficacy with which it works. One of their clients stated that were it not for the assistance they got from Securus, they might not have been in a position to nab one of their employees who had been using the company to do money laundering.


A correctional facility also reviewed the services offered by Securus and stated that it was one of the best in innovation because they had helped them get to a place where the prisons administrators were getting word of crimes before they happened, which means they were able to thwart them in time. These and many others are some of the positive reviews that have been given by people who use the services offered by Securus. In the few years they have been in business, they have really transformed lives.

10 Life Hacks From Wengie


Sometimes we hear of life hacks that nobody would ever need or want to use. Eating the apple whole, seeds and all? No thank you! But there are some real life hacks out there for girls to use so that they can look their best and avoid some of the little frustrating things that happen. Wengie listed ten in this video!

Lint On A Sweater? Hacked!

First, she pointed out that sometimes you do not have a lint roller around and sometimes we forget them when we go out to the store (or we just do not feel like spending the extra cash!). Many girls just bury that sweater in the bottom of the drawer, never to be worn again. But Wengie gave a real, practical solution. She said that if you use your shaving razor, you can quickly and easily scrape the lint right off!

Key Ring Impossible To Open? Hacked!

Ever have a problem opening the key ring to take your car key off? Girls who have nails are probably familiar with this issue. Wengie pointed out that if you are at home struggling with this problem, one simple office supply can help. Grab a staple remover and press it into the ring. This will separate the sides and allow you to shift the staple remover around until you get the key off. Easy!

Forget Everything In The Morning? Hacked!

You walk out the door in the morning, make your way to your car and you might even drive off before realizing that you forgot your phone! You cannot go the entire day without your phone, so the only option is to go back and get it. Suddenly, you’re late for work and your boss is staring you down. What’s a girl to do? Wengie suggests that before you leave, you should stack all of your essentials on top of each other so that you can just grab them and go when you are ready.

Financial Planning

Do you struggle with your finances in a variety of areas? If you do, there are a lot of things that you can do in order to drive value in this area. Highland Capital is a company that works with people from a variety of different backgrounds to help them with their financial planning allocations. If you are young, you can really set yourself up for success over the long term by thinking ahead. Not only that, but you need to have a plan that is going to last over the long term. Highland Capital Management is the type of company that has great customer service and is always willing to help other people on their journey through their life and career. Now is a great time to start thinking of ways that you can improve your finances.




Perhaps the biggest financial issue for many Americans is their high levels of debt. Over the past couple of years, a lot of people have started to think of ways that they can lower their debt payments to pay them off quickly. Not only that, but Highland Capital is a company that is working on a plan for the future. If you are ready to start planning for your future, this is a great company to work with. They have a track record of success in a variety of areas. Over time, they are excited about the changes that are being made in their life and career. Highland Capital has proven that it is a company that wants to make a positive impact in the lives of others.




Another area that Highland Capital can help in is with investing. This is a company that wants to make a positive difference over time in a variety of areas. Not only that, but it is a company that is launching their business higher every day. With their great investment advisors, the company is really starting to invest in helping customers with their financial planning and analysis in a number of areas. If you want to learn from a great company, this is the place to start.



Beverly Hills Auto Group is the Place to Buy Your Used Vehicle

Buying a used car just makes sense-you can land an awesome car for a fraction of the cost of the exact same car, new. Buying used also gives you more choices and a better selection of vehicles to choose from. You’re not just limited to the newest models in the showroom. You can even get a custom luxury car without having to pay the price for all the add-ons. Beverly Hills Auto Group has a large selection of used luxury BMWs and you can drive home in one today.


Beverly Hills Auto Group only sells fine, used vehicles that will pass any inspection and you don’t have to deal with any pushy salespeople, either. Beverly Hills Auto Group will get you pre-approved in a few easy steps and you will be on your way. Beverly Hills Auto Group even accept trade-ins and they will pay top dollar for your vehicle.

A Sneak Peek Into Eric Pulier and His Impressive Tech and Entrepreneurial Career

Eric Pulier’s rise to economic prominence is nothing short of a spectacle. His immense knowledge and valuable experience in entrepreneurship and technology have solidified his status as a prominent business personality. His impressive portfolio boasts of essential posts such as philanthropist, entrepreneur, public speaker, technologist and accomplished author of over ten companies. Companies such as ServiceMesh, Media Platform, US Interactive, Digital Evolution and Desktone have benefited immensely from his dynamic expertise.

A recent interview with Pulier helped reveal the man behind the inspiring success stories.


Eric Pulier’s Typical Day


Typically, Pulier begins his day by keeping up with emerging trends in the entrepreneurial world. Afterward, his top priority shifts to sticking to his schedule.


How Ideas Are Brought To Life


Just like most professionals, Pulier strives to note fundamental ideas and inspirations that will inadvertently contribute to profitable business ventures. Rather than risking losing such ideas, penning them has proven to be an excellent idea. On the other hand, some ideas might crop back and contribute to product generation.


Habits That Make Pulier Productive As an Entrepreneur


According to Pulier, mechanics and identifying solutions through writing act as the bedrock upon which success is materialized. Such a technique plays an instrumental role in developing the confidence to tackle problems that might appear daunting at first. More importantly, it enables him to avoid various obstacles in the design and implementation process.


The One Thing Pulier Would Do Differently If He Were To Start Again


Every failure undeniably leads to something new. Hence, it wouldn’t be prudent to accept failure as an integral component to his current success. However, placing trust in the right people made it to the top of the list as his past mistakes ultimately contributed to several shortcomings.


Eric Pulier’s Advice to Current and Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Pulier firmly believes in the concept of bringing ideas to life. Additionally, entrepreneurs must insist on brainstorming sessions which undeniably contribute to the identification of better solutions to various problems.


Pulier’s Role Model


Eric Pulier credits his success to Peter Diamandis who not only happened to be a source of motivation but also a prominent scientist, innovator and humanitarian. Alternatively, he founded XPRIZE as well as co-founding several companies such as Human Longevity, Planetary Resources and Singularity University.

Todd Lubar’s Passion For Finance And Real Estate

Todd Lubar is a revered professional in the real estate industry. He began his career in 1995 following his graduation from Syracuse University. Lubar graduated with a BA in speech communication. After venturing into the real estate industry, it instantly became apparent to him that he would have a life long career in finance and real estate. This passion was attributed to Lubar’s interest in every dimension of the real estate business and his aspiration to assist others.

In his early career, Todd Lubar worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a committed loan originator. This position allowed him to be acquainted with the conservative mortgage banking model. It would later end up to be an invaluable experience for him. During his tenure, he spent time cultivating relationships with insurance agents, financial planners, and real estate agents that today are crucial sources of referral to his business.

In an article on Hackronym, In 1999, he secured an equity position with the Legacy Financial Group. This job provided him with an opportunity to grow his lending capabilities. Lubar was able to broker loans to investors and lend as a direct mortgage bank. In 2002, Lubar launched Legendary Properties LLC. His residential development firm facilitated the acquisition, rehabilitation and marketing of more than 200 transactions. The properties ranged from single family dwellings to several multi-family establishments. These transactions allowed Lubar to develop connections with industry experts, thus being able to develop high quality properties. In addition, he established cordial relations with premier banking institutions. Owing to the existing rapport with these institutions, he was able to secure lines of credit.

In 2003, Lubar launched Charter Funding to enhance his investment portfolio. The firm was a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of the leading mortgage companies in the United States. His close relationship with First Magnus Financial Corporation allowed Todd Lubar to grow his business because of the vast access to a wide range of products and services.

After working in the real estate sector for 12 years, he discovered a niche of underserved clients. To this end, he incorporated Legendary Financial LLC, which is an affiliate of Legendary Properties. Through the financial unit, Lubar was able to lend to individuals and corporations. This way, individuals who could not access funding from traditional lenders were able to secure loans from the company. Todd Lubar has played a pivotal role in the recovery of Baltimore’s real estate industry. He has also invested in the commercial demolition business and scrap metal recycling industry where he continues to make people’s dreams come true.

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A Look Behind the Label of Purina’s Beneful Prepared Meals

There are plenty of reasons to give your dog real meat instead of the dry dog food that most people use. They like it better and are less apt to be picky when given a meal that contains actual meat, and the diet is comparable to what their bodies are genetically designed for; dogs having consumed mostly meat for the past few million years or so.

The question is, do Beneful Prepared Meals contain real meat? According to the manufactur’s website, Beneful dog foods with chicken or beef on the label use that meat as their number one ingredient, even in their dry dog food varieties.

But a common misconception is that dogs are carnivorous. Not true; dogs are actually omnivores and need both meat-based and plant-based ingredients. In fact, dogs can survive and stay healthy on a vegetarian diet, unlike their feline housemates, who require meat. Cats need amino acids from the meat they consume. They cannot get them from a strict vegetarian diet.

As for the Beneful Prepared meals from Purina, they contain real ingredients that are much higher quality than the aforementioned dry food varieties. These delicious meals consist of chicken, beef and lamb, as well as fresh vegetables and grains, to give your dog a well-rounded diet that you can be confident about. Beneful Prepared Meals are the freshest, most delicious combination of meat-based and plant-based ingredients and your dog will look forward to every meal when you put Beneful in the bowl.

Rona Borre Is The Best Example of Entrepreneurship Savvy

When Rona Borre quit her job in 2001, she knew exactly what she was doing. Most people would have thought her to be slightly off her rocker to have quit her high-paying job with a leading global staffing agency to start her staffing agency.

She worked initially out of a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo, with only her dog Henry as a companion. Now with a location in the downtown Chicago financial district, her company, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing staffing agencies in the country.  For more info, click on

Borre is the type of person who doesn’t linger on things but gets right to the heart of any matter. One thing that she got going quickly was the focus on hot niches. Financial and technological candidates were in great demand in 2001, and so they are today as well. These are people that companies who are growing need because these folks help them get to the next level of growth.

It is also very important to focus on the top management of the companies Borre works with. She wants to get to know them very well and to find out how they think. What kind of candidate will fit into their culture and how do they want to interact with him or her?  Be sure to hit this.

To watch how Borre tackle questions about her work, clik on this link from

Once these questions are answered, Borre and her team will find that person. If a new hire can’t fit in the situation will be a disaster, not a good match.

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The Wessex Institute Needs More at The Chilworth Office

There is a new research project going on at the Chilworth office in relation to a project for the British government. With the growing demand to solve public health problems, the Wessex Institute has taken the initiative to fund certain research projects.

The Wessex Institute has always been involved many of Europe’s largest research projects, meeting the demands of certain entities. The British government has an interest in squashing certain health concerns that the public has. The University of Southampton is heading this current project.

You may aid in their current efforts as a part time Administrator for their research team. They are looking for a high-energy college educated applicants to take charge of this difficult project. Employees will need to clearly communicate between researchers, clients, and other key staff members. The work will be fast paced since deadlines are constantly changing. The position will be part time with all of the typical benefits.