Marcio Alaor Discusses Tag Heuer’s Growth

Marcio Alaor, the acting vice president of the widely successful BMG bank recently discussed the watchmaking company Tag Heuer. As a prosperous banker at one of the leading financial institutions in Brazil, Alaor knows a thing or two about operating a lucrative business. He is also aware that one of the most important factors involved in operating a thriving banking business is proper management. For this reason, Marcio Alaor has ensured that he is among the top banking managers in the country. Through his leadership and consistency, the BMG bank has continued to be among the largest and most profitable financial institutions in Brazil. Alaor and his team have ensured that the financial institution has prospered throughout the years through a systematic process of establishing excellent financial services (including deposits, investments, and loans) and providing impeccable client relations. As an expert in business leadership, Alaor was able to adequately review the thriving company, Tag Heuer.

Tag Heuer is an authentic watchmaking company with over 100 years of experience in the fine watchmaking industry. Tag Heuer is widely and nationally regarded as one of the best watchmakers in the world. This company creates unique watches with a specially crafted sports style that are coveted by many watch lovers and that frequently adorn the necks of celebrities. Several athletic teams are sponsored by the affluent company and the advertising through professional athletes makes the watches even more desired. The company’s world renowned watches are carried in fine jewelry and watch shops in several countries. Tag Heuer, however, still maintains ambitious plans to make their product heavily desired in even more markets, including Brazil.

Marcio Alaor opened his report about Tag Heuer by discussing remarks made by the company’s President and CEO, Jean Claude Biver. Biver has led the company for about two years, and has shown himself to be completely devoted to its growth and productivity. Biver has lead the watch company to increase product capacity and embark on new ventures. Through his leadership, the company has successfully improved upon the their original product and now produce an even finer quality watch. Marcio Alaor suggested in his report that Biver’s passion and new zeal for the company has been the determining factor in the growth and increase the company has experienced. Biver also holds a leadership position in a separate division of the watch making company. He is streneously involved in every aspect of his new company and his devotion and commitment to the growth of the company has caused exponential growth in an extremely small amount of time. Two years is such a small amount of time in the business world that few companies see significant change in revenue or profitability. This business, however, has defied odds and shown significant increase.

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Thor Halvorssen is working to preserve Human Rights

There are thousands of problems facing the world, but one of the biggest issues is human rights. People want to see others treated well, and conditions should improve throughout the world. One group that is constantly working to ensure human rights improve throughout the world is the Human Rights Foundation.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2005 with the mission of protecting human rights around the world. They believe that all humans are entitled a set of freedoms, including free speech and self-determination. This group has worked continuously to spread positive human rights stories, and to spread awareness of human rights issues. This organization is vital to the human rights movement.

The Human Rights Foundation is a great organization, and it has great leadership. Thor Halvorssen has offered his leadership to this group for several years. Thor has a deep history within the human rights movement. He began his work in 1989, working against apartheid in South Africa. His campaign brought awareness towards the issue of apartheid, and ultimately helped end the horror in South Africa. Contributing to solving this issue inspired Thor to dedicate his life toward human rights issues.

Thor founded the Human Rights Foundation in the mid-2000s with the goal of bringing increased awareness to the issue. Since 2005, this organization has published numerous news articles on human rights issues around the world. Often the issues they raise are relatively unknown, and their coverage brings vital support to these matters. Numerous other human rights organizations have praised the actions of the group. Thor is extremely proud of his work within the organization.

Thor cares deeply about human rights, in part because he has personally experienced human rights issues. Thor’s father, a diplomat, was illegally imprisoned by the Venezuelan government. His imprisonment started in 1993, and he was constantly beaten and tortured. Several organizations, like Amnesty International, worked to ensure his release. Eventually, Thor’s father came home, but his family never forgot the value of human rights organizations. Unfortunately, Thor’s family experienced tragedy again in 2004. Thor’s mother was marching for human rights in Venezuela when she was violently gunned down. She was critically wounded, and one of her friends was killed. Because of Thor’s past, he will never stop working for human rights.

Human rights issues are vital, and one organization is working to solve these issues. The Human Rights Foundation will continue to work towards solving these human rights issues.

All Natural Pet Foods Seing Massive Growth In Sales

Analysts are surprised at the surging sales of all natural and premium pet foods. They are really starting to grow at an exponential rate. Just what are all natural and premium pet foods? These are pet foods that for example only contain all natural ingredients with no preservatives. They also include gourmet cat and dog food, which according to its owners tastes so good it can be eaten by people. Premium pet foods can include specially developed cat and dog food that can help a pet lose weight, improve cognitive function in old age and boost energy.

Examples of all natural pet food brands include Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co. Gourmet style pet foods include Mars Lasagna and Beef Storganoff flavored dog food. There is even an organic pet food manufacturer, Merrick Pet Care which was acquired by Purina in the summer of 2015.

Pet owners now have an incredible variety of premium, and all natural dog foods to choose from. One of my favorite dog foods is Beneful brand dog food manufactured by Purina. The reason I like Beneful so much is because it is a completely balanced nutritional dog food. You know that your pet will get all the nutrients he or she needs to be strong and active. Another reason why I like Beneful brand dog food created by Purina is because it is available in so many different flavors, sizes and textures. It is easy to find a flavor or texture and treat size that you dog will simply love. I like having lots of options when it comes to dog food and Beneful gives you so many which is great.

Other reasons I choose to feed my dog Beneful brand dog food is because the price is right. It is affordable for the average person, unlike other all natural and premium dog food which can cost a considerable amount of money that many people simply can’t afford to spend. Purina Beneful is available in almost all major stores across the United States, so finding it won’t be difficult. An affordable price, great flavor and knowing that my dog will be healthy and happy with Purina Beneful is why it is the dog food of choice for my pet.


Tribute to Marcio Alaor at his Home Town

Throughout his career, Marcio Alaor has been a great supporter of his home city, Santo Antonio do Monte. In August 2014, during the 33rd edition of Expose Samonte, Marcio Alaor was honored for great things he had done to support the rural sector, more so the Exhibition Park, which is the main mark of close relationship to his homeland. Marcio Alaor is a true philanthropist who is committed and dedicated to helping programs that aim at improving the lives of his fellow countrymen. During that event, the name ‘MARCIO ALAOR DE ARAUJO’ was included to the exhibition name.
Local authority leaders attended the event to supervise the progress of the tribute. They acknowledged the fact that the city has received support from one of the most famous executives in Brazil, Marcio Alaor who has never forgotten his roots. As a result of the role Marcio Alaor has played, Santo Antonio do Monte has emerged very strong and it has potential to achieve greater things. One of the great things the city has achieved is to be the largest producer of milk in Midwest area of Minas Gerais. This is despite the fact that the area lacks sufficient land for farming, especially cattle farming.
Despite the challenges the city has been facing, Marcio Alaor has been committed to ensure there is enough partnership with other successful entrepreneurs from the area in order to make it achieve its potential. As a way of recognizing the services the executive has provided to the local society, he was given a plaque extolling the relationship he has created with everyone in the city. The city has achieved a lot of progress despite facing a number of challenges, more so in the field, but Marcio Alaor and other supporters have passion and love for their homeland.
The executive of Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian acknowledged the role played by Marcio Alaor and what he was still doing for the city, saying his support is fundamental for the union because it will keep on supporting farmers in Santo Antonio do Monte. The mayor of the city, Wilmar Son said they had already restructured a former warehouse to be used as a grain store in the area in order to support the food court program. He stressed that many resident would benefit from the incentive as they continue to pursue their dreams.
On his part, Marcio Alaor was grateful to receive the honor and tribute accorded to him, saying that its common for individuals to be honored only after their death, but for him he was lucky to receive them while still alive. He concluded by telling residents to love Santo Antonio do Monte and to keep contact with their home city always.


No Tax on Women’s Feminie Hygiene Products


Women’s feminine hygiene products, such as tampons and pads, have been taxed for years, and women all over the United States are tired of it. The anger is based on the fact that sales tax is calculated on supposed “nonessential items”, and women’s feminine hygiene products are not something that they can go without. The sales tax revenue that states earn from women who have to buy the products on a monthly basis is in the millions. Sergio Cortes wonders whether this taxation has occurred because of the vast majority of male lawmakers through the years who have no understanding of a woman’s period essentials.

The movement to stop the taxation of feminine hygiene products has also brought up the struggles of women and girls in poverty in the nation who often cannot afford these basic necessities, which are not covered by government benefits. The emotional effects of not having basic hygiene products can be devastating due to the embarrassment arising from blood leaking through a woman’s clothing when she cannot afford pads or tampons. Now, many women’s organizations have come together to help give poor women back their dignity by handing out pads and tampons to homeless women in need.

How Marcio Aloar Made It

Marcio Alaor, the current vice president of the BMG bank in Brazil, has not had an easy time like some of the other executives have had. He was not originally cut out for business and started out from a very meager position in the world. This was something that he never truly pictured himself in.

In the beginning of his working days, Marcio Alaor was a shoe shiner. He worked very hard to make sure that the work that he did was respectable and something that he could be proud of. He wanted people to know that he did the best job possible and that he was always striving to be better at what he was doing. What he did not know was that this drive and dedication would eventually lead to him landing a career-changing job that would make his life different forever.

While he was shining shoes, he made an acquaintance in an executive for the BMG bank. This man was someone who was looking for new employees and wanted to make sure that he was giving them the utmost in opportunities. He wanted fresh faces for the BMG bank, but he wanted to make sure that these people were people that he could rely on and people who would be able to provide a great deal of work to the people who ran the bank. He made sure that he always found people who had drive. He saw that in Marcio Alaor and wanted him for his team.

This was the first time that Marcio Alaor had been introduced to a business lifestyle. He could never truly picture himself as a businessman and soon found himself in one of the most businesslike positions- a banker. He was expected to woke as an entry-level banker, but he quickly worked his way through the different positions of the bank. This was something that he was able to do because he was dedicated to the bank and the work that he did. The drive that he had allowed him to promote easily through the different positions of the bank.

He was eventually promoted to all of the different positions until the only thing left was the vice president position. He took that one as well. He was offered the position and became one of the best vice presidents that the BMG bank had ever seen. This was something that he was able to do successfully because he still had that same drive. When Marcio Alaor is looking for people who will be able to work at the bank, he makes sure that he always tries to find people who have the same drive and work ethic that he has always had.

Kyle Bass Worries About Emerging Markets

UsefulStooges makes it pretty clear that Kyle Bass has made a career out of making wild predictions about financial markets around the world, and he has set his sights on his next victim. Kyle is someone that analysts do not take seriously, but the average investor may not know Kyle’s story. Kyle Bass is the man who correctly predicted the fall of subprime loans, but he has spent the years since mismanaging his hedge fund at Hayman Capital, appearing on TV and seeking attention. This article explains how Kyle Bass could likely be wrong about emerging markets in 2016.

#1: Kyle Sees Emerging Markets Struggling

Emerging markets around the world are third world countries that are finally coming out of their shell. Kyle believes that emerging markets in 2016 will not perform well, but he has no evidence to back up this prediction. Many of his predictions are based on his feelings, but feelings do not often create profits. This bold prediction flies in the face of what analysts believe will happen.

#2: 2016 Will See A Rebound

Kyle Bass is ignoring the fact that 2016 should be a rebound for markets around the world. 2015 did not go well for many countries around the world, but there was no universal collapse. The markets tend to rebound after a bad year, and 2016 should be no different. Kyle is currently flying in the face of logic when he says that emerging markets will not perform well.

#3: Kyle’s Hedge Fund

The greatest victim in all of this is Hayman Capital. Hayman Capital is the hedge fund Kyle founded to manage his investment. His company grew steadily over the years, but the company found its place on the map when he struck it rich during the subprime meltdown. Hayman Capital saw its peak during the global financial crisis, but Hayman Capital has not performed well since.

Anyone with a computer may find statistics showing that Hayman Capilta has been faling every year consistently, Wikipedia is a good place to do a quick check. Kyle is not putting in the world to make Hayman Capital a successful company, and his investors are suffering as a result.

#4: Seeking Attention Wherever It Is

Kyle has been seeking attention on TV and radio because of his famous prediction in 2008. His 15 minutes of fame should have dried up long ago, but Kyle continues to make appearances on TV and radio instead of working his business. His is a hedge fund manager who is more concerned with his own image than the portfolios of his clients.

Kyle Bass has made wild predictions in the past, but his predictions rarely hold much weight. Emerging markets will likely rebound in 2016 despite what Kyle says, but he will not stop talking as long as there is a forum.

Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Believes Brazil’s Government Will Inject Billion Of Dollars Into The Economy In 2016

Brazil has been fighting a battle against double-digit inflation and the worst recession in over 100 years. Economists believe the Brazilian economy needs an injection of loans to kick start the gross domestic product growth, and it appears Brazil’s Finance Minister, Nelson Barbosa, is going to make that happen, according to BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães.

The government is ready to give credit lines to small companies, and Guimarães said consumers may be able to use their social security fund (FGTS) to guarantee personal loans. Payroll loans have been the only salvation for thousands of Brazilians over the last eight years, and BMG Bank is one of the main sources for payroll loans, according to a recent article by

Guimarães said he welcomes the new economic initiative, and he also said BMG Bank would offer those social security backed loans as soon as the measure is passed by the Congress. BMG Bank is the number one provider of payroll loans so the new social security back loans would be a welcomed addition to the bank’s product line. According to, BMG Bank will add the new loans to the existing advertising campaign that is in place for soccer matches. More than 700 sales agents around the country will sell the new loans as an option to payroll loans, according to Mr. Guimarães.

The New Social security loans can be used for home renovations and the purchase of construction materials as well as for other personal uses that contribute something to the economy. According to, BMG Bank will continue to spend millions of reais to promote payroll loans during matches. But if this new loan is approved, BMG will use soccer players to advertise the new product across the country.

Ricardo Guimarães told one interviewer that President Dilma Rousseff hasn’t made an official announcement about the $15 billion that she plans to inject into the economy in the form of loans and other vehicles that will pull the country out of the recession. Rousseff still has the impeachment issue to face, but she may dodge that bullet if the public accepts her new bailout plan, according to Guimarães.

Once the news breaks, BMG Bank will immediately start an advertising campaign that includes their current products as well as the new loan products that will be born from this government loan injection. Soccer fans across the country are perfect candidates for BMG Bank products, but BMG plans to include tennis and volleyball fans in their advertising as well.

Mr. Guimarães believes 2016 will be the year Brazil makes a comeback for several reasons. Adding more than $R60 billion in loans to the economy is certainly one of those reasons.

Securus Associates Hit New Records in their Contributions for United Way Drive

Recently, Securus Technologies announced that it had achieved a new high with Associates giving $345,763 to the United Way 2015 Campaign. The set goal was $290,000 that was surpassed by 19% in addition to exceeding the previous year’s results by 23%. Securus Technologies is a premier provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety as well as corrections and inmate communication monitoring.
According to Richard Smith, Securus Technologies’ chief executive officer, contributions made in 2008 were $32,995 and the associates increased this figure by more than 10 times in 2015 to $345,763. Since 2008, when the initiative began, the associates have been kind in increasing their contributions to those in need of education, healthcare, and other life basics in the community. In my view, the Associates have undertaken an incredible initiative. 
As a result, the Associates broke United Way contribution records. The records include the highest level of annual contributions by Securus Associates, largest number of leadership givers, largest number of Associates giving, and biggest percentage increase over annual goal. The contribution levels have been wonderful. I rarely see such contributions and I believe it will make lives better.
According to Kent Reimann, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas’ development officer in charge of resource development, the initiative by Securus Technologies is a model campaign. This is because the firm provides extra prizes and vacation days among other activities that are designed to generate interest on what United Way does. United Way helps communities to by channeling the contributions towards eradicating poverty, advancing educational opportunities in addition to improving healthcare. Therefore, it counts on the contributions made by Securus Associates each year. This information was originally published on PR Newswire as found in the link below—345763-for-2015-and-1148000-over-the-last-five-5-years-300206537.html
Secures Technologies was established in 1988. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The firm also has regional offices in Allen, Texas; Carrollton, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia. I know of no other firm that serves the corrections industry that can match Securus Technologies’ experience. Securus Technologies serves over 850,000 inmates across 45 states.
Additionally, Securus Technologies offers two great services of communicating with inmates. I once used their video visitation service and I must admit it was so convenient. The good thing about it is that it enables one to pre-schedule an onsite visit. One can also schedule and visit a loved one from the comfort of the living room. Securus Technologies also provides convenient methods of enabling people to fund inmate phone calls. To this end, they offer varying payment methods that includes advance connect, traditional collect, inmate debit, direct bill and jail voicemail. The charges are automatically subtracted from prepaid account of the holder. This information was mentioned on Securus’ website, to learn more, talk their knowledgeable customer service staff.

Charles Koch May Have Progressive Partners in Criminal Justice Reform

Newsweek featured an article that was originally published in The Marshall Project titled “Is Charles Koch a Closet Liberal?” In this article, The Marshall Project’s editor-in-chief Bill Keller interviewed Koch Industries senior vice president and general counsel Mark Holden about his efforts to reform the criminal justice system that is being led by his boss Charles Koch. Their goal is to make the criminal justice system more reflective of the principles of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

According to Mark, the justice system is a two-tiered system – one system for the wealthy, and the other system for the poor and everybody else who doesn’t have the money or connections. This creates a justice system where the wealthy are able to get away with certain crimes that the poor and middle class can’t because they don’t have the money or connections. As a result, the poor and middle class often have to plead guilty to crimes they are accused of simply because they are unable to defend themselves.

Mark recommends several solutions to the problems in the criminal justice system. First, he says that prosecutors have too much power and that power should be shared among judges, jurors and defense attorneys. Second, indigent defendant programs should be fixed and given more financial support. Third, rehabilitation and education should be given priority for prisoners who will be reentering society. Many of these ideas have put Charles Koch and Mark Holden in the same camp as progressives and liberal organizations such as the ACLU.

Spearheading this criminal justice reform effort is Charles Koch, the co-owner, chairman of the board, and CEO of Koch Industries. Koch Industries is the second largest privately held company in the US and has made Charles one of the wealthiest men in the world with an estimated net worth of around $41 billion. Charles describes himself as a classic liberal in that he wants a peaceful and tolerant society that breaks down barriers to opportunities for all people. More importantly he wants to see a limited role for government which is surprising based on the large role government will need to play in his criminal justice reform plans.