End Citizens United – Am Indirect Line between Two Halves

End Citizens United, or ECU for short, is a highly involved political action group that has been around for more than a couple of years, in August 2015. The team was assembled by two highly experienced leaders who have had decades of experience in the fields of managing and leading small and large groups, fighting against discrimination and social injustice, and so on.

The political action group had a very high objective that would be difficult to achieve for any group. They wanted to have the Supreme Court pass an amendment that would reverse the decision they had already made called Citizens United. The political action committee took many steps and had a vast number of fundraising activities. The ECU committee had to fundraise a tremendous amount of money in order to accomplish their goal. Many doubted the End Citizens United group because there had not been a constitutional amendment since the year of 1992. Others, however, were hopeful and saw the goal of the political group as an excellent initiative that reminds people to strive for what they want if it is highly unlikely.

The political action committee of End Citizens United juggled a large number of campaigns. They were fundraising money both for their goal and for the political candidates that they supported. ECU had publically announced their support for a total of 11 candidates from the party of the Republicans in 2015 – right before the election season started in the United States of America. What followed were arduous fundraising and initiatives trough campaigns that utilized every pipeline possible – the newspapers, the magazines, email campaigns, polls, and advertisement on the radio and TV, to name a few. The End Citizens United was diligently working on supporting the campaigns of the eleven Republican candidates they had chosen. The kind of candidates that the political group was helping were people that could invest back, and the dark was also once victims of money groups. The eleven Republican candidates had also supported the political action committee of End Citizens United which made for a highly beneficial partnership.

One of the things that made the political action committee of End Citizens United was the role that they had assumed without aiming to do that. Many politics commentators including the spokesperson of the political group talked about the role of the committee. End Citizens United involuntarily turned into a thread between the people of the Supreme Court and the civilians and communities of the nation. The goal that the committee had set for themselves established a powerful and loud reminder that the Supreme Court exists to better the nation and that their decisions have a broader impact than they might realize or accept which is extremely important.

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